Absent Elk: O2 Academy, Liverpool


Girls who are boys, who like boys to be girls, who do boys like they’re girls, who do girls like they’re boys. Getintothis’ Mike Doherty reports.

If a band can be judged by the calibre of their fans, then the boys in Absent Elk are a big bunch of teenage girls.
This entire venue is littered with them, like it’s a Girls Aloud concert. In fact, this is most likely due to the formers recent support slot of the latter.
Musically, Absent Elk are boring enough to get somewhere, probably using a slingshot tactic that lands their bland-rocket somewhere on the Radio 2 playlist.
Absent Elk; absent charisma.
Facially, lead singer Kjetil Morland looks like a Muppet caricature of James Blunt, but maybe we’re jealous of the attention they’re get fromthe ladies.
Either way, were calling Jim Henson first thing tomorrow.

Absent Elk: Sun And Water
Absent Elk




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