The Sand Band to split up with last 7″ When We Kiss


Sad news as The Sand Band announce they are to split up with final single When We Kiss.

Sad news greeted us yesterday afternoon with word that The Sand Band are to split up.
The Liverpool psych-neo-folk collective announced the news via their facebook and twitter feed telling fans that they are to release their last single, the 7″ When We Kiss backed by Mistress through Liverpool label Eighties Vinyl.
When We Kiss replaces the previously scheduled 7″ Going To The City.
There is, as yet, no news as to whether they will release their second album ‘proper’ When We Kiss, the follow up to their stunning and critically-acclaimed debut to the Deltasonic-released All Through the Night.
The band – David McDonnell, Scott Marmion, Max Goldberg, Ben Curtis and ex-drummer Jay Sharrock – leave behind them a sparse yet superlative catalogue including March’s low-key release, Love Will Save Us I Hope in aid of Cystic Fibrosis Trust and a selection of choice covers including their take on the Beach Boys classic It’s Not Me.
The band have also cancelled the much anticipated live return in support of rising Liverpool band Bird, scheduled for September 21 at the Kazimier.

The group’s statement read:
We think the next 7″ may be our last – so because we believe so much in what Eighties Vinyl are doing we are going to change the A side to When We Kiss – the title track form the album we had planned.
We are sorry to say we wont be playing on 21st September either – We think it’s best to end on one of our favorite tracks – It has Jay sharrock on drums and John Head on guitar – We will also appear on MOJO’s TIm Hardin CD covering Reason To Believe – A final word to follow.
The band then issued this statement:
Great is the art of beginning, but greater is the art of ending.
We have always been whole heartedly dedicated in everything we’ve ever created, every note and every word has meant as much to us as and more than we could ever say.
In forever learning who we are, we all must be open to the change in things. So for now and until a time we find the source in our music again, we leave our work done as the friends we have always been, in moving forward we shall remain.
Thank you to all who’ve been with us along the way and to you who listened… Love
The Sand Band When We Kiss.jpg
A statement from Liverpool-based indie label Eighties Vinyl said:
Its an honour to have this chance to put out what could be the last recording from The Sand Band.
Dave Mc and the lads are the reason we set up this label and they share our values and the morals in what we have planned. So a massive thanks goes out to them.
‘The single is now going to be ‘When We Kiss’ which for those that have not seen them live is the stand out track from a fantastic set. We know because we had them play an 80s Casuals night at Static Gallery in Sept ’09. The line up that night is the one on ‘When We Kiss’ minus John Head (Shack) who appears on the recording.

A massive thanks to all of those that have purchased The Sand Band 7″ already. There’s been a fantastic response and a great deal of interest from many bands in the region including some already well known.
As all of the Singles are limited to 250 and the T-Shirts to 25 when they go on sale, we therefore think it best to maybe store email details and contact those who support this ‘non profit’ project the day before pre-sales. we hope this is ok with you.
Sad news, Getintothis wishes the band well, and in the meantime, here’s our favourite late, late night jam from The Sand Band.




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