Ninetails, Victories at Sea: Nation Of Shopkeepers, Leeds – plus Mama Aniseed video


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Ninetails unveil new tracks and new intensity much to the bemusement of some of those watching, Getintothis’ Tony Donaghey takes a trip to Leeds for his writing debut.

We let slip we’re off to Leeds to catch Ninetails play in Leeds and the next thing we know, we’re reviewing them. We’ve never reviewed anyone before…
Do we pick out some of the phrases used about their music, about how experimental and intelligent it is or do we just stand back and listen while watching this new audience take in one of Liverpool’s most exciting new talents? Well, a bit of both…
First up at Nation Of Shopkeepers (Leeds’ equivalent to the Shipping Forecast, for they share the same owners) are Birmingham outfit Victories at Sea.
This trio, of guitar, bass, and drums (doubling up on keyboards) are commercial and catchy, and strike a chord with two girls down the front – clearly on their first date – inducing a dance-off from the get-go.
Similarly, impressed are the bar and kitchen staff, all stood as close to the stage as possible. Victories all round – and well worth looking out for.

Ninetails kick off with their characteristically complex sonic pallet of treated guitars, and time signatures that would have confused a time lord let alone the two girls trying to dance.
They soon abandon trying to keep up with the twists and turns and set off home. In fact as Getintothis looks around, we notice the audience are divided into in two groups – those clearly enthralled, and a little way back, those intrigued.
Just as we’re beginning to think they’ve lost this one, a voice from the stage announces ‘This is a new one,‘ and drums and band kick in with a power not heard all night.
Jordan Balaber takes off flailing around before shouting at the end, ‘That got a little intense!
The night recalls their display at last year’s GIT Award; they grab the audience’s attention, and despite confusing some of those in attendance they remain true to their experimental leanings.

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