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Ahead of their Liverpool Sound City 2014 slot, Getintothis’ Lauren Jones reflects on Merseyside’s new earthy wonders The Tenements.

Draw all arrows at dawn and synchronise duel positions, The Tenements are taking over town.
Brainchild of front man, Matt Reekie, Tenements have used their smoke signalling allure to produce a newfangled musical art form.

Starting life back in 2013, the foursome kept locals eagerly awaiting throughout the slow drips of homemade demo tapes until the recent release of debut offering, Moon.

Attracting attention from tribal chiefs to bohemianism, the glorified homespun material certainly taps into the city’s undoubted prowess nevertheless contributing to a new era of earthly awareness.

Slotting in their sound with the likes of The Wicked Whispers and The Sundowners, there becomes a time to reflect upon on how a natural sound feels and grooves so magically compared to computer generated scuzz.

The simplicity and sheer wholesome beauty of repetitive tambourine shakes and guitar tremors certainly attract an embellished array of half naked bodies encapsulating that very gratifying Woodstock phenomenon.

However slow their music trickles, Tenements are not one to dismiss, beware of the righteous glory beaming through your speakers, god knows, you’ll be craving more of that western sonorousness.


Here’s a snazzy – well actually rather whacked out medieval sorcery type affair – video shot by Dan Hewitson of Freakbeat Films of their track Moon. It’s about insomnia, main man Matthew tells us.

The lads recently supported Mick Head at St George’s Hall and are working with By The Sea‘s Liam Power on new material. We’re very much keeping a trained eye on this lot.

The Tenements play Liverpool Sound City 2014 at Tavern on the Green at 12.35pm.
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