1. What an excellent write up this is. Harking back to bygone days; educating the masses as it rolls along… And by the way, WHAT a band Eat My Dog truly were!

    Thanks for the memories!

  2. Eh? I remember Ian Brown having a skin head that day and they were all right. He was swinging from the bandstand at one point. The Man from demonte played as well and the crowd quite liked them. That was my recollection. But it was a very long time ago!

  3. Andrew Erskine on

    Earthbeat heralded changes for us all in the city back in those days, it opened our eyes to the fact that yes we could basically do anything we set our minds to provided we worked together and not apart. Earthbeat was the catalyst to bring together the disparate worlds of ‘indie’ music and ‘dance’ in all of its forms – and this undoubtedly emboldened many of the creative types locally to try things they may not have previously considered. I am personally proud to have been part of this cultural change and to have been guided and assisted by Kif Higgins, Tony Egan, Dave Marshall, Johnathon Swain, Phil Hughes, Aminat and many others. Plus I still have a scar on my hand from an illegal billposting session with Egan in Boldy back in 87.
    Great times deserving of The Fitz great write up here.
    Andrew Erskine – Trading Places, Eat My Dog, Inner City Magazine, All Earthbeat Inspired.

  4. Great Article Mark Mcnulty.. KIF Was a Great guy… in all ways.. Talented, generous, and humble..
    We were just kids buzzin round Bold Street, playing on Toxteth Sounds radio and rehearsing in
    Colquitt Street theatre School.. scratchin round for gigs, KIF gave us pointers, a good place to stop by
    and chill in his pad.. & a good gig playing Earthbeat – Respect always ..
    Simon karlson – (Sye ska) The Love Cows…