1. Pretty good review. I can’t deny that Threshold may have overtaken SoundCity for me as the best music festival in the city. Obviously it’s all subjective, but for me you missed four of the best sets of the weekend (or at least omitted them from your review) in Kids On Bridges (Friday evening), Native Kings, The Roscoes and The Mono LPs (Saturday afternoon). What a great weekend, though!

  2. Really enjoyed this festival, however some of the reviews of bands appear to have been ltd in No!! We saw several fantastic bands and worthy of a special mention should be a band/duo consisting of guitar and drums!! Their sound sound was phenomenal and all their own original material we were told. Their music was rock orientated with some great melodies and original riffs and the band! Susstinere!! Try and catch them two lads a product of Chester Uni music dept brilliant….

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