Justin Robertson, 303 Residents: 303, Constellations, Liverpool

Justin Robertson

Justin Robertson

Justin Robertson dropped by 303’s charity fundraiser, Getintothis’ Ste Knight was there to soak up the atmosphere (and the drizzle)

There’s nothing quite like a bit of techno to brighten up the eternal Autumn we seem to experience here in the UK, once the one week of sun in April is out of the way. Especially when it is provided by someone who really knows his shit in terms of electronic music. Justin Robertson is one of those people.

Underground techno night 303 held a day AND night to remember, in aid of The Whitechapel Centre, at Constellations on July 2. Consistency is the name of the game with this crew. They always put on a brilliant party, and if you’re yet to get down to one we suggest doing so as soon as possible. Honestly, you won’t look back.

Resident DJ and dressing gown enthusiast Samuel Lamont kicked things into gear during the daytime element of the event. He obviously has the magic touch, as his Balearic beats managed to coax that big yellow stranger in the sky out from behind the clouds and gave us some sunshine and warmth. Sam showcased the breadth of his musical knowledge with an extended set before Gemma Muir took to the wheels to step things up a notch for Justin Robertson, dropping some really chunky tech house in her usual energetic fashion.

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Justin (who is a top bloke, as well as being, according to this writer’s girlfriend, “fucking gorgeous”) manned the decks for three hours of frankly awesome electro, acid, house and techno. A real melting pot of a set was laid out before us, with some blistering tracks being played out to an eager, enthusiastic crowd. Robertson, who has been in the game now for almost 25 years, doesn’t pull any punches with his sets. Just as 303 is an unswervingly boss night out, Justin is an unswervingly awesome DJ. It is easy to see exactly why he gets so much love from a city that has seen him play here since the early days of Voodoo and Bugged Out.

Track selection is always on point in Robertson‘s sets, and his mixing ability is difficult to rival. Not a beat was skipped, and Justin kept us all moving for the full three hours that he was in the booth. It made sense that once his set was over, he should hand the reigns to 303 resident Stuart HodsonStuart threw down some heavy tech in his set, and as the darkness drew in, the atmosphere was echoed by the music, which took on a tougher edge to take us into night time. Hodson is always great fun to watch DJing, dropping in little surprises here and there, whilst always maintaining that driving, pumping beat to keep feet moving and asses shaking.

The evening was rounded off in style, with the remaining 303 rezzies, and their friends Jimmy Allen and Gaz Jones, going back to back to back for some ultimate party techno. Excellent stuff, and by the time 1am came around we had danced a full 25 miles, according to this writer’s clubbing pedometer.

The event that 303 had organised to help the homeless of Liverpool was undoubtedly a huge success, and we feel they should be applauded for putting on a party in aid of such a fantastic cause. If you fancy heading down to the next one, they’ve got their annual all-dayer at the end of July, which sees Robert Hood headline at the much loved Williamson Tunnels. Get on it.




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