Pete Fij and Terry Bickers, Bradley the Busker: St Paul’s, Worthing

Pete Fij and Terry Bickers

Pete Fij and Terry Bickers

In the unusual settings of St Paul’s in Worthing, Getintothis’ Sean Parker enjoyed a night of great songwriting and beautiful melancholy.

I spent a Saturday evening at St Paul’s in Worthing. It’s a lovely venue with superb sound that some might at first think more suited to baptisms and fetes. But this night attracted an enthusiastic crowd willing to be seduced by a concert of eagerly anticipated original music.

Our night started with support by Bradley the Busker. He walked on stage looking like a skinny Gary Barlow who had wandered in off a Magaluf Beach on a rather inclement mancunian Summer’s day. But Bradley could teach the ‘Take That‘ tax payer a thing or two about range of voice and mastery of the acoustic guitar. His great short set which has a sound like local worldwide known act Passenger was finished with a fantastic instrumental played with speed and style. We will definitely be exploring more of Bradley’s catalogue.

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The main course duly arrived, with Bickers sporting a wonderful shirt that Bob Harris and Nashville would approve and Fij wearing his trademark white leather jacket. Starting with songs from the recently released new album We are Millionaires, the audience were treated to track after track of two guitarists in perfect sync and the hooks of the songs swelling to complete harmony.

Pete took the time to speak about each song and how the duo has evolved and after a brief dip into their first album Broken Heart Surgery he told the story of how he wanted to write a James Bond theme song and that originally If the World is all We Have was a song he wrote as a Eurovision entry, only to finish a distant we don’t know where to an Andrew Lloyd Webber song. Well to the audience, being outvoted in favour of any ALW number must surely be a true endorsement of a quality song that could easily grace the soundtrack of 007’s next adventure. In fact you can hear tones of John Barry and the style of lyric writing that Don Black penned so well in the past in the songs.

All night long you could clearly see how the pair enjoy playing together and that Bickers ethereal playing blends so beautifully with Fij’s purposeful rhythm.

This is as cheerful as it getsPete says at one point when introducing a song. Well, the attentive audience begged to differ, as shouts for an encore rattled the hall.

In fact, it’s not just Melancholy,… it’s beautiful.




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