Childhood, TV ME, AGP: The Magnet, Liverpool



Childhood tore up The Magnet in fine disco funk style as Getintothis’ Lucia Matusikova dusted off her flares for a night of grooving.

Let’s be honest – opening a midweek gig is not an easy job, especially when you are a lone man onstage.

Despite this, first up tonight was AGP, Liverpool based writer, producer and solo performer. But AGP’s interaction with the audience lit up the mood of the night.



Most surprisingly, his witty jokes were a contradiction to his dark, blue and melancholic music. His rough guitar and slightly shady voice work together nicely. I do believe that having more people on the stage would help in delivering what is a very impressive project.

Following the opening act, there were other locals on the stage, in the form of TV ME, who describe their music as a future pop influenced by The Beatles, Kraftwerk and Brian Wilson. Starting out with a funky, almost disco-like song, they carried on with their set in this mood.

Mixing synths, keyboards and acoustic guitar with electrics made for a very creative atmosphere and The Beatles influence was noticeable.



However, in the middle their energy was slowly fading away and this continued as they finished the set. It seems like the band is still trying to find their unique sound and that is only a positive aspect of being creative.

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Childhood, tonight’s headliners , released their album Universal High in July of this year and they returned to the shores of Merseyside for Liverpool Music Week. All the way from Nottingham they brought wonderful energy and positive touch to the Magnet venue.



By the time they hit the stage the venue filled up with people ready to have a good night. Opening with a track from the latest album called A.M.D, they made the audience move from the start. As the set progressed, more new songs were aired, such as Too Old for My Tears, Californian Light and Cameo. They really got the crowd dancing with the oldie Black Velvet and another newbie Melody Says.

It’s fair to say that their first show in Liverpool after three years has been a real success and that it is worth giving a good listen to their latest album, which is filled with lot of quality songs.

Images by Getintothis’ Peter Goodbody

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