Blanck Mass announces new album, releases single No Dice


Blanck Mass

With the news that Blanck Mass is set to release a new LP this summer, Getintothis’ Max Richardson brings the details.

Blanck Mass has announced the imminent release of a fourth album, titled Animated Violence Mild.

Blanck Mass, the monicker of Scotland-based Benjamin John Power of Fuck Buttons fame, has previously released three full-length studio albums, 2011’s Blanck Mass, Dumb Flesh (2015) and World Eater (2017).

The album is set to feature eight tracks, including the singles House vs. House and No Dice, both of which vary pretty drastically in style.

The first single from the LP, House vs. House is a sensational track, beginning as aggressive neo-industrial electronica at its finest, seeing Benjamin John Power seemingly channel his inner Trent Reznor, only for the track to evolve into a slightly mellower track almost reminiscent of EDM, shifting and shimmering with the use of a broad palette of sounds.

Elsewhere on the album, No Dice, Blanck Mass’ latest single from the album, is at a lower tempo, verging on a hiphop sounding beat, yet mingling in elements of electronica such as sliced vocal samples and warm synths to create a really diverse, interesting track.

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With these tracks retaining elements of similarity while also being distinctly different, it should be great to document this album, seemingly shaping up to be something special.

Power states that these eight tracks are his ‘most direct and honest yet’, immediately audible in the clear passion of the two singles released.

Animated Violence Mild is set to be released on August 16th, through label Sacred Bones.








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