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New Domino Records signings flex their catchy muscles with a surf guitar cowboy pop anthem.

Twin Sister: Gene CiampiSingle of the Week
Picture this: Laetitia Sadier in a Stetson. And chaps. Riding into Boot Hill dragging lasso-bound Eli Wallach behind her steed ready for a surf guitar straightener with Lee Van Cleef. POP POP!
Twin Sister play Liverpool Music Week on Sunday November 6 at Mojo.

Mint Julep: Aviary
About two weeks ago, in my eagerness to spread Mint Julep love over the interwebs, I accidently leaked a Mogwai remix of their forthcoming track, Aviary. Fortunately, what followed was not a legal writ but this sound clip which was a bit of a relief.
My fave bit is around the 2.35 moment when pneumatic guitar boots the frosty electro for six – imagine this on a bigger scale and with denser noise and you can imagine how good the Moggers version is.
Mint Julep – Aviary – FREE DOWNLOAD by Keith Kenniff – Helios
Kof: Looking At Me
Kof Owusu’s been laying down smooth caramel-peanut-butter jams for ages now, and this one comes complete with a Craig David gone tween cutesy side story about some bird swapping her Ribena for Panda Shandy. As per, Kof’s vocal is liquid velvet and it’s catchy an all but like the daft video there’s a sense we’ve been here before.

Elephant Stone: Love the Sinner Hate the Sun
More late summer jangles from the Brian Jonestown Massacre stable. Elephant Stone is High Dials sitar bro Rishi Dhir.
Fans of By The Sea, Lucky Beaches and bowl cuts will love this. They hit The Kazimier on October 26.
Elephant Stone — Love the Sinner Hate the Sin by elephantstoners
Someone Still Loves You Boris Yeltsin: New Day
This seems to fit with the changing of the season, and despite the damp porch melancholy vibe we’re loving – and buying into – the pay off line, that ‘everything will be alright.
Just one deliciously infectious cut from the forthcoming …Boris Yeltsin record Tape Club due out via Polyvinyl on October 17.
The whole piece can be listened to on here.

Ghostpoet: Liines
No surprise Obaro Ejimiwe, or Ghostpoet to his mates, has collected a Mercury nomination. And this his third offering from Peanut Butter Blues and Melancholy Jam is like the strident lap of honour complete with an undercurrent of stirring guitars and almost Larry Mullen Jr drums to boot. Neat.

Kasabian: Days Are Forgotten
Nowt much to really report here, which is a shame after the barnstormer of a comeback Switchblade Smile. This is a revert to type, meat and two veg chugger. There’s a kinky riff leading into the chorus and Tom’s banging on about monkeys but none of this is of interest compared to Serge’s outrageous locks which judging by recent press shots see him transforming into the heir to Brian May.

Noel Gallagher’s High Flying Birds: The Death Of You And Me
Speaking of chugging, here’s Chief Chug of Chuggerbury, ol’ chugger chops himself Noely G. This is EXACTLY how you imagine a Noel Gallagher track to sound; twiddly acoustic rock, rhyming couplets using inspirational words like ‘me, he, free, be,’ and high-end voxs until a right royal vaudeville calamity splurts it’s way two thirds in. Presumably this is an attempt to stir things up a bit but it’s more a case of adding more chug to the chug pot. CHUG CHUG.

Jim Noir: Special Features Of A Camel EP
Don’t have a go at me, but I’ve spent more time trying to work out what this Jim Noir release is than actually listening to it. It arrived in an envelope with no details just his name and gandering at his twitter it seems he’s on some generous release frenzy literally shitting out music like a hyperactive Prince in his heyday. But being from Manchester, Jim doesn’t sound a jot like Prince, more like a psychedelic northerner experimenting with The Small Faces, Marc Bolan and Pop Boutique’s dressing up boxing.
26 Smothables is Getintothis‘ favourite byway of having two songs within a song, sounding like Caravan and having a quite brilliant title.
Get it all here.
Stateless: I’m On Fire EP
Ever wanted to know what Matt Bellamy‘s constipated groaning set to the tune of six different electro-lite tracks would sound like? Well here’s your chance.

WATERS: For The One
Sensing we’re digging into the dregs now. Generic US lo-fi college rock from ex-Port O’Brien bro Van Pierszalowski. Kinda got bored by this stuff in 1994.

DJ Shadow: The Less You Know, The Better EP
Shadow has been more hit and miss than Edin Dzeko over the years. But there’s enough here to warrant persistence, particularly the slow misty grind of Come On Riding (Through The Cosmos) which recalls latter-day UNKLE.
Less successful is the urgent stomp of I’m Excited which sounds like Timmy Mallet jamming in a school cloakroom with Dizzee Rascal. Which now that I’ve written it sounds better on paper than this entire EP.

Switchfoot: Dark Horses
Are Def Leppard still going?

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