Manchester’s best new bands for 2020 – the new generation of great acts from the city


Manchester’s New Wave of artists and bands in 2020

The future sounds of Manchester, Getintothis’ Steven Doherty selects the ones to watch.

Well, this is somewhat different.

For the last number of years, this would be where you would come to find out who’s on live around and about Manchester in June.

Unfortunately, we all know the answer to that.

So, we thought we would look further forward into the future. The happy, smiling future, where we are stood pint in hand waiting for the lights go down.

And here’s 20 of the best of those that you will be standing there watching.

These are the finest bands and new artists that Manchester (and the surrounding region) has to offer at the moment, and who it is that you should be currently making a Spotify appointment with.

If there’s anyone obvious that we’ve missed, please feel free to shout at us via the usual channels. We’re always on the look out for new talent.

Enjoy, and hopefully normal Manchester Gigs of the Month service will resume shortly.

Liverpool’s best new artists and bands – the ones to watch in 2020

Faux Pas

Faux Pas

Akin to Placebo, Faux Pas are a wrecking ball of energy.

We’ve been lucky enough to catch these live twice already, supporting Life at Liverpool’s Phase One and as the opening act when IDLES frontman Joe Talbot came to the Bread Shed for a Q&A.

On both occasions, it was obvious that these are stars in the making, just one listen to their single That’s My Ego is sure-fire proof of that.




One of this year’s most talked-up new outfits, it’s easy to see why on the catchy single Taking You With Me which has recently been receiving praise in all the right places, including our very own Unknown Pleasures column.

Suffice to say, they will not be unknown for long.

They are also a band with a great logo, get one of their t-shirts before they become a much sought after collector’s item.




Something a bit noisier.

Tinfolis have just released their best single to date, the hook-laden, choppy pop shout-along Spitting.

They’ve already supported The Blinders and The Mysterines, and next time you see them, it should be somewhere big in their own right.


Zo Abalone

Zo Abalone

The proficient Zo Abalone has released two singles in the last two months.

The most recent, A Hole Inside You the Shape Of My Heart is as sorrowful as it’s title, it’s sparseness of beat suits the bleakness of the lyric, Vortex shows a fiercer, catchier, almost pop side.

Both show that Abalone is about to breakthrough.


Witch Fever

Witch Fever

Also last seen making a racket supporting Joe Talbot earlier in the year were Witch Fever, who are no stranger to these pages.

We’ve been bigging these up for a while now and with good reason, it’s a tremendous noise that they are making, all riffs and attitude.

Live is where their power lies, it’s a snarling, pounding show they have, we’re counting the days until we can see it again.



These are a hook-laden four-piece with an appetite for catchy hooks.

Draw The Line, their current 1980’s influenced second single, follows on from equally good debut What You Do Best and is quite the opening duo of releases.

They are due to headline Soup Kitchen later in the year (god willing), get involved before everyone else does.


OneDa has already been named as a one to watch by such luminaries as Radio 1 and 1xtra, and latest single Power showcases as to why.

With it’s full-on chant chorus, this is a personal message, using her words over a mix of old and new school sounds, but this is just one of a succession of quality singles.

Deliveroo best shows off her rapping prowess, the radio stations have got this one right.

DJ Cartridge

DJ Cartridge

He’s just released a four-track EP entitled Iron Lung, his first release for his new label Locus Sound, and if you like minimal left-field electronica, then this is very much for you.

There’s also a whole ton of stuff on his Soundcloud and Bandcamp pages, showing a sheer breadth of musical versatility.

For fans of something a bit out there.




Recently lauded on these very pages for their new single Apologise, which was described as “stop-start guitars marvellously executed”, Hollows are building up quite the catalogue.

Previous single Painkiller showed their more melodic side.

Due to play Salford’s Eagle Inn this September, this will be a band to see live.


Katie O’Malley

Katie O’Malley

Fresh from featuring on local BBC Introducing, as well as acquiring radio play across the world, Katie O’Malley’s style of Americana will sit nicely with those with a penchant for lilting country.

She describes her sound as a mix of country, blues, folk and soul. Now there really is something for everyone in all of that.

Her gravelly vocals will win some crossover hearts soon.


The Modern Business

The Modern Business

One of the main local attractions at the not-to-be-missed You Are Not Alone all-dayer taking place around town in November.

Stomping single Velvet Thunder hits home like a stone.

This four-piece, formed in a basement in Stalybridge, will be worth the ticket price alone.


Martin’s Broken Neck

Martin’s Broken Neck

Martin’s Broken Neck are a gloriously ramshackle five-piece, and their latest single Holistic Setraline is all retro handclaps and 60’s backing vocals.

The past seems to also seep through on earlier tracks such as Armadillo and Live Fast Die Old.

If you can get past the band name, there’s something here for the old-fashioned jangly pop connoisseur amongst you.


The Manchester music map – who’s to be added on there in the future

The Monsoons

“You’re a bully, you’re a hypocrite, you’re scum, you’re social media scum.”

Welcome to the world of The Monsoons.

A jaw-dropping debut single from them, Social Media Scum is a jarring, damning of the worst people you can imagine, and they do it over a noise that sounds like The Blinders would if they took some chances.

Looking forward to whichever salvo is next.


Giant Boys

Giant Boys

Also in the market for making a racket, it’s the Salford Sleaford Mods.

An antidote for guitar four-pieces, this feisty duo are making social commentary with a pain in their soul and a smile on their face.

You will not find a greater song title than their Don’t Laugh At My Astro Turf Diane, but don’t dismiss this as comedic, more Slaves than HMHB.


Document (Photo: Bands on Film)


Taking inspiration from those who have gone before, the haunting miserablism of Document could only come from around this way.

Supporting the lauded Egyptian Blue at YES later this year, there’s a sense of doom and desolation that belies their youthful looks.

It’s brutal and excellent in equal measures.


Bunny Hoova

Bunny Hoova

Self-described as “pophop”, Bunny Hoova released her debut album LONGING last year on the excellent Preston-based label Them There Records.

It’s 13 short, sharp stabs are sublime pieces of ramshackle lo-fi, floating ideas, both saying everything and nothing at the same time.

The album weaves her journey from her previous home in Rotterdam to her new home in Manchester, and a marvellous trip it is too.



These sound huge.

Pre-lockdown single Stare Down The Walls is an high-quality behemoth, matching the power of the singles that preceded it.

If you like something a bit harder than your jangly pop, this four-pronged melodramatic rock beast will do it’s best to set your world alight.




A breath of fresh air.

Evabee is another artist that has made her way to the ears of BBC Introducing, and it’s little wonder as to why, her vocals are soulful and captivating.

She’s the featured vocalist on the latest single with Yousef and Gorgon City and is about to explode.


No Vacancies

A blast to end on.

They have recently supported the equally splendid King Nun at their Manchester show, and have a few choice cuts out there to download or stream.

Riotous live, their time will come soon.