Keep Your Ears Peeled


Liverpool promoter John King launches a tribute night to John Peel featuring a diverse range of 10 live acts from across Merseyside over two evenings in the city.

Wirral’s John King knows a thing or two about live music.
Having returned to his native Merseyside after a stint running his own Read The Fanzine nights in London, King is set to launch his own unsigned, not-for-profit events in Liverpool, beginning next month with a tribute to John Peel.
Ten acts spread over two nights will take to the stage, starting on Tuesday February 19 featuring a diverse collection of avant-rock, dance and poetry at Magnet on Hardman Street, with a more traditional indie night following at Hope Street’s Roadkill on Wednesday February 20.
King says: “The 08 Culture company, Liverpool council or someone should be setting up a department to help bands make the transition from playing local pubs to getting a record deal.
“It’s good to look back, and of course The Beatles are a good money spinner for the city, but in the past 10 years the only Liverpool number one has come from Atomic Kitten, and even then the last one was a good few years ago – yet as I discovered when I started looking for bands to play my nights, Liverpool is full of talent.
“Bands such as Alex Is Blue and The Mono LPs are bands that I’ve played to people of all ages, who’ve instantly liked them.
“If they’d booked these bands for the Liverpool 08 opening then I’m sure they’d have had a record deal by now, and possibly been on the way to the next Liverpool number one.
“I’m not out to make money – in fact I’ve sometimes subsidised the night in the past. I do it because I enjoy music and like to give exposure to bands I believe in. If I had any musical talent then I’d probably join a band, but as I don’t I do this instead.”
Fittingly for a Peel tribute night, the Roadkill event features headliners The Container Drivers, who are named after a song the late DJ’s favourite band The Fall. John adds: “They sound a lot like The Fall, took part in a Fall tribute album with a song called Ex Members of The Fall Club and as Peel literally lived for The Fall, I can’t think of a better act to headline the second night – well apart from The Fall themselves, but I can’t afford them and I couldn’t put up with Mark E’s strops!”
King adds: “I’m particularly excited about The Mono LPs, who were quite dejected a few weeks ago because none of the managers or labels they contacted were getting back to them. I put them in touch with the guy who books for Alan McGee’s Death Disco nights in London, and he booked them right away – not only for a support slot next month but a headline slot in April. Word has it that McGee himself is quite keen on them.”
Keep Your Ears Peeled, night one:
Tuesday February 19, The Magnet, 45 Hardman Street, Liverpool, L1 9AS. 0151 709 6969. Free entry. Over-18s. 8pm-2am
Tom Young
The Mong Club
Esa Shields
The Shabangs
The Bards of New Brighton
Keep Your Ears Peeled, night two:
Wednesday February 20, Roadkill, 32 Hope Street, Liverpool, L1 9BX. 0151 709 8887. Entry £2.50/£2 with flyer. Over-16s, 7pm-11pm
The Container Drivers
The Mono LPs
Newspaper Lovers
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