Liverpool Sound City 2009: Phantom Band: Korova, Liverpool


You name it, Phantom Band will beat it. Getintothis’ Alistair Houghton digs the Scots kraut-fusion. Muchly.

It was, they said, their first time in Liverpool – but The Phantom Band will surely be on their way back after this short taster was lapped up by the Korova crowd.
It started off with a percussion frenzy before the guitars kick in and the Phantoms get into their stride.
There seemed to be too many of them for the small stage- “it’s quite intimate and quite sweaty and there’s lots of love between these mirrors,” they declared, but that didn’t stop their groove-driven percussion-heavy sound one bit.
From Spacemen 3-esque beats to screaming solos and countrified sounds the Scots had it all, with harmonies and moog to boot.
Not to mention unmpteen bits of percussion I won’t pretend to name, and the singer blowing through a rubber tube into a black box for another organ drone.
Those in the know were bellowing out requests as the good-natured band took it all in their stride- time for the rest of us to get in that loop.
Images by Sound City chief photographer Mark McNulty.