Liverpool Sound City 2009: The Invisible: Korova


Peter Guy on Sound City’s early contenders for band of the festival.

THEY came from a galaxy far, far away. Armed with little but a small armoury of weapons and a pink hoodie.
They departed leaving the underground basement of Korova decorated in shards of glass as hearts raced and minds were blown.
Seemingly beemed in from George Clinton‘s Mothership, Dave Okumu cuts a striking figure – part mirrorball complete with sequined top, and part electro giant, all neon pinks and yellows adorning his colossal frame. But more striking is his ferocious guitar funk and soulful husk of a voice which bounces off the reflective walls, weaving a funky dance to dark disco classics-in-waiting London Girl and Passion.
Aligned to Leo Taylor‘s relentless pounding behind the kit and Tom Herbert‘s subtle harmonies and frightening, textured guitars, The Invisible are an intergalactic force who demand to be seen as well as heard.
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The Invisible
Picture courtesy of Mark McNulty: Liverpool Sound City chief photographer.