New Soundbites: Lisa Hannigan – See Sew


The MWVs club just gained a valuable member.

Lisa Hannigan: See Sew
Sweet baby Jesus, Lisa must be sick to the back teeth of Damian Rice mentions. Oops.
Anyways, how’s a dash of Portishead-lite to spruce up your picnic rug, joss sticks and handmade-folk compositions.
Inevitably she’ll get swallowed up by the growing gush of MWVs (musicians with vaginas) doing the rounds but investigate further and you’ll see she’s more than just an Emmy The Grate – as the likes of I Don’t Know (Badly Drawn Boy Sunday pop), Lille (a sparse, beautific lullaby), Ocean and a Rock (old skool jazzy folk) attest.
For fans of: Mulled wine, drunks, spacious cottages.
Listen up

Lisa Hannigan: I Don’t Know




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