New Soundbites: Soundcarriers – Harmonium


Nottingham psyche going down. Floor 2 please.

Soundcarriers: Harmonium
Melodic UK
Ever noticed the way it’s the same people that take a third of the year off work ‘ill’ are the same that can’t eat an inordinate amount of food types because they’re ‘allergic’.
Can’t eat pasta – ‘allergic’. Can’t eat vegetables – ‘allergic’. Can’t eat red meat – ‘allergic’. Can’t eat chocolate – ‘allergic’. Can’t drink alcohol – ‘allergic’.
The same people have phobias of lifts.
I’d love to put em in a lift with Jamie Oliver – spittle flapping from his swelling jowls – force-feeding them while Soundcarriers drone out at em and then cut the cord just to hear them scream, ‘I’m alleeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeergic…
For fans of: Second-rate David Axelrod, interlude musik in late 70s porn, faux-French hipsters.
Soundcarriers’ sound

Watch and marvel at old tech getting the Soundcarriers treatment. Rad.




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