Getintothis guest list selections 2009: Artists and rock & rollers


Slowly but surely Liverpool has seen a healthy, if disparate, emergence of fine new bands and artists during the last 12 months or so, here’s some of our favourites picking their sounds of 2009.

Gen Er Al Midi Multi instrumentalist behind Liverpool’s premier epic avant-pop band a.P.A.T.t
1. Best Served Cold: Discography 1998-2008.
2. Earache: Narcosis (‘Because they’re the best grind act the UK will ever produce‘).
3. Dirty Projectors: Bitte Orca: (‘Because they invite me to new sounds but yet remind me of things I like already.’)
4. Metronomy: Pip Paine: Pay The £5000 You Owe (Bonus Edition). (‘Because it features the best song in the world‘).
5. Sax Ruins: Yawiquo (‘Because of the unbelievable attention to detail.’)
6. Wave Machines: Wave If You’re Really There. (‘Because as a first album there is some amazing pieces of work here…very likable.’)

Timothy Bruzon: Wave Machines‘ lead vocalist and guitarist.
1. Post War Years: The Whole World On It’s Head
2. Grizzly Bear: Two Weeks
3. Blue Roses: Rebecca
4. The Dirty Projectors: Stillness Is the Move
5. Slow Club: When I Go

Vidar Norheim: Wave Machines‘ drummer
Gigs of 2009:
1. Wildbirds and Peacedrums: SXSW Austin, Texas)
2. Bon Iver: Green Man Festival
3. Grizzly Bear: Green Man Festival
4. Post War Years: Lexington, London
5. Deerhoof: Kazimer, Liverpool (Getintothis review)

dave laze.gif
David Perry The Laze lead vocalist and bass player
1. Zombi: Spirit Animal
2. Spectral Empire: Black Shark EP
3. Sunn O))): Monoliths & Dimensions
4. LindstrÃşm & Prins Thomas: II
5. Upsilon Acrux: Radian Futura
6. Air: Love 2

pete bentham.jpg
Peter Bentham: Songwriter, frontman of Pete Bentham and the Dinner Ladies and promoter of Free Rock & Roll gigs at the Caledonia pub.
Peter says: Free Rock & Roll gigs and Free Rock & Roll Radio are all about Liverpool bands so I’m putting forward my top five Liverpool band/websites for 2009.
1. Long Finger Bandits: All-girl raggle taggle gypsy jazzpunk.
Stand out track: Gibberish
2. El Toro: Red hot surf rock & rock
Stand out track: Keep Outs My Way
3. Sydney Baileys No Good Punchin Clowns: Western swing, ragtime, skiffle.
Stand out track: Baby Keeps Stealin
4. Emily & The Faves: Sweet quirky angular pop
Stand out track: Golden Hair
5. a.P.A.T.t: Dadaist mentalists
Stand out track: Avajibber

Ezra Bang: Lead vocals, synths, drums and programming in Ezra Bang & The Hot Machine.
1. Jay-Z feat Alicia Keys: Empire State of Mind
2. Wave Machines: Greatest Escape We Ever Made
3. Mary Epworth: Black Doe
4. Major Lazer: Pon De Floor
5. Beyonce: Single Ladies (Put A Ring On It)

lee guns.jpg
Lee Glynn: Sound Of Guns‘ guitarist.
1. Brand New: At The Bottom
2. The Scare: Could Be Bad
3. The Mars Volta: Cotopaxi
4. Them Crooked Vultures: Mind Eraser, No Chaser
5. Kasabian: Fire

Timo Tierney: Vocalist and guitarist with The Maybes?
1. Sting: If On A Winters Night
2. Doves: Kingdom Of Rust
3. Monsters Of Folk: Monsters Of Folk
4.The xx: xx
5. Wild Beasts: Two Dancers
Timo adds: ‘I struggled to get five albums – I thought 2009 was quite a shite year for records. I didnt even hear the Bunnymen one…

james bike2.jpg
James Reynolds: Bass player with The Bicycle Thieves:
1. Memory Tapes: Seek Magic
2. The xx: xx
3. The Horrors: Primary Colours
4. Florence & The Machine: Lungs
5. Ripchord: Beginners Luck

james bike.jpg
James Feltham: Guitarist with the Bicycle Thieves:
James says: ‘If it was the top five releases it’d just be The Beatles remasters as they made me listen to them in a totally different (eye opening, jaw dropping) light. You could hear new things and tiny imperfections that made you realise they were human after all, but added to their charm. I thought 2009 was pretty bad and I didn’t think I’d get 5 but I enjoyed all these…
1. Richard Hawley: Truelove’s Gutter
2. Arctic Monkeys: Humbug
3. Memory Tapes: Seek Magic
4. Them Crooked Vultures: Them Crooked Vultures
5. White Denim: Fits