Illuminated chopper breaking out to Japrock – LDNs new craze has transport ministers in a spin


Nothing better than taking in the sights on your illuminated chopper to a bit of japrock.

Back in the day, the Flower Travellin’ Band set the tone with their whacked out psychedelic lovebuzz ideal for lettin’ the wind whistle through your mane as your chopper kicked into gear.
Nowadays, East London cats are copyin’ the templates of their far east cousins designin’ uber-hip illuminated Dekochari rickshaws ideal for darkside pedal pushin’ while smokey Oriental grooves accompany their night-trippin’ cyclipades.

Here’s Charlie Hope‘s creation in all its luminescent finery, tootlin’ along to Bunta Sugawara and Kinya Aikawa‘s Ichiban-boshi Blues.
And just because we wants to:

Flower Travellin’ Band: Satori III
Chris Hoy was unavailable for comment.




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