FACT and Wolstenholme Creative Space present Trash Humpers


Hanging about in Liverpool with Harmony Korine‘s ‘loser-gang cult-freak collective.’

Remember that there Harmony Korine? Yeah, that Harmony Korine. The same one that did thems WAY naughty flicks Kids and Gummo.
Yup dead cats, underage sex, Chloë Sevigny, lots of filth. Well, he’s back doing what he does best, teaming up with WARP – purveyors of out-rock records and out-there filums – with his latest shocker, Trash Humpers.
Drawing comparisons with Lars Von Trier‘s The Idiots, Trash Humpers is a provocative visual drama set in Nashville, Tennessee.
We won’t spoil the uncompromising nastiness which Korine delights in, but when Total Film describes it as, ‘like wiping your eyeballs with shit,’ you kinda know it’s hardly ideal first-date material.
The first screening is tomorrow night (Wednesday August at FACT, 8pm) followed by a special screening on Saturday August 7 at Wolstenholme Creative Space from 7.30pm.
The Saturday screening is one of a series which will feature lo-fi trashy beat-up TV’s all connected together to screen the film simultaneously.
Anyways, this is one not to miss. Here’s a tasteless taster.