Liverpool Sound City: Three Trapped Tigers: Kazimier


Getintothis’ Jon Birchall sticks around for late night roaring at the Kazimier during Day Two of Liverpool Sound City.

I have never seen energy like it at 2am. Whether that’s an indictment of my social life is here neither here nor there because after the witching hour had long since bogged off with the admittedly brilliant Kurt Vile, Three Trapped Tigers came out like their name would suggest.
A 65daysofstatic-esque force with a more organic feel, the Blood and Biscuits trio layered walls of noise with subtly used keys to provide a slightly less industrial edge but it was the vigour through which they chucked the racket at the Kazimier crowd that popped this set right into the top drawer.
People don’t stay up this late unless they’re expecting something special. TTT made sure that the wait was more than worth it.




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