Singles Club #53


So, last week we had St Anselmians teenager, Patrick Greaves, in on work experience. We gave him loads of singles – hot girl pop, dubstep, gnarly rock, glitchy electro – and what does he choose for single of the week? An Indian flower-power, fiddle-assisted bopper. Go Paddy!

Raghu Dixit: I’m In Mumbai Waiting For A MiracleSingle of the Week
I had no idea what to expect but there’s catchy drums, Indian rhythms, a fantastic guitar riff and all I can say is, I’m waiting for what Mr Dixit does next.

S.C.U.M.: Amber Hands
This is intense! Every part sounds as if at any moment it could explode into life but frustratingly it never did – a missed opportunity?

Charlie Simpson: Parachutes
It sounds like Coldplay, presumably that’s where he gets his song title inspiration. It impresses me to a degree, especially as the soundtrack to my early youth was the English pop-rock boy-band, Busted.

Get People: Rain Tears
This song like a good meal at a fast-food restaurant – all the basics are in place but there’s something missing. Real taste?

Grinderman: Mickey Mouse and the Goodbye Man
Guitars in irregular patterns, something is brewing, drums sound, guitars gain rhythm then BOOM! It is not far off a masterpiece.

Hoodlums: Landmarks
A feel-good song? I think it’s a bit more than that. Maybe their message was that they are here to stay in the musical industry – they want to be a ‘landmark’, within the musical industry?

INC: Swear
You have to look at this song like a book with many chapters. There are definite changes in pace, yet it retains a common theme. However, looking at is a book – it lacks a climax, even though it incredibly sophisticated.

The Joy Formidable: A Heavy Abacus
If this song was in a race it would get off to a flyer. This song gives an uplifting emotion and is a great reflection of a promising band.

Letters: Flash! Lights
Dark images flood my mind, broody vocals, a spooky atmosphere and a fantastic climax – great potential!

Mr. Scruff: Wobble Control
Crazy synthesizers and rhythmic beats send your mind in all directions. It ended up getting me into one of those samba-jiggles – so I really enjoyed this listen. The only way to describe this song is, well, wobbly!

Parade: Perfume
Nagging horns and catchy lyrics but essentially background music.

Rams’ Pocket Radio: Dieter Rams’ Got A Pocket Radio
Peter McCauley‘s piano is the glue in this song and it’s a good listen!

Toodar: Ten Paces
This didn’t really cut the mustard. It’s repetetive and relies on one piece of music worth 30 seconds over three minutes.




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