We Were Promised Jetpacks, Fieldhouse: Shipping Forecast, Liverpool


Fans of David Hasselhoff would have loved this one. Getintothis’ Jodie Schofield certainly didn’t.

Sometimes a reviewer has to take one for the team, and on a cold, wet Tuesday insipid AoR in a dank basement was rarely going to whet the appetite.
The night starts off promising, however, as Fieldhouse warm things up with their effects-pedal heaven which is reminiscent of early Radiohead; layers of noisy fuzz sprinkled with quiet side dishes.
Stand out tracks include Not In Love Anymore and Contracting the Blues -the latter including a promo filmed in an abandoned old people’s home. There’s a melodic precise craft at work and with a new EP Rhythm Is A Killer in the offing (out tomorrow) they’re certainly ones to keep an eye on.
We Were Promised Jetpacks, we’re informed by a dude in the audience, are big in Germany and it’s easy to see why their keenly-embraced by the Hoff-loving rock crowd.
Gorgeous Scottish vocals are overwhelmed by long-winded spells of noisy self-indulgent guitars which recalls stale sounds from the early 90s.
The lack of variety and persistent noise grates and all that’s left is to file this one away as a lost cause.
Picture by James Byrne.




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