Liverpool Sound City 2012: Charlie XCX, Man Get Out, Funeral Suits: Red Bull Studios live at the Garage, Binary Cell, Leaf Cafe, Liverpool


Red Ink-2.jpg
Boys with guitars make a big din but it’s a lass with a booming voice that leaves the biggest impression to Getintothis Rosanna Hynes on day two of Liverpool Sound City 2012.

Funeral Suits are a posse of anaemic youths in vests, but they shook the upstairs room at Leaf with considerable volume.
They played a series of straightfaced tracks with soft, understated vocals and big guitars and drums. Just before Getintothis dashes across town, however, they performed a quick switch around of vocalists, and played a more mainstream track with a lovely Hounds of Love-style “oh oh” chorus, which finally forced the dour chaps to crack a grin.
After a hurried splash across town, we arrive at Binary Cell in time to watch Man Get Out perform a few neatly-pressed indie pop songs to a receptive crowd.
Red Ink filled in for Niki & The Dove who pulled out due to illness.
They sound Radio 1 friendly, and if inoffensive guitars and restrained drumming is your thing, then go for it.
Next up was Charlie XCX at the Red Bull Studios, which meant a glittering whirl of energy performed vocals in front of a high-end light show.
She has a powerful voice that filled the massive space, and her enthusiasm and positivity was infectious, meaning that the crowd, while small in the cavernous building, was dancing and making plenty of noise by the end of the second song. Stellar way to finish the night. Well, early morning.
Pictures by Darren Aston.