Liverpool Sound City 2012: Eleanor Friedberger, Still Flyin’, Mary Epworth, Jonquil, Mugstar: Mello Mello, Studio 2, Wolstenholme Creative Space


Eleanor Friedberger live at Liverpool Sound City.jpg
Liverpool Sound City witnesses Stetsons, wild euphoria and out of body experiences, Getintothis’ Will Fitzpatrick sifts through the debris. Oh, and Peter Guy sticks his oar in.

We head to Mello Mello with a spring in our step, ready to see how Eleanor Friedberger translates her marvellously disconcerting My Summer LP to the live arena.
Confusingly, it’s all played very straight, unlike her day job in The Fiery Furnaces, semi-famous for a tendency to completely reinvent their material. It’s very pleasant; it’d just be nicer if there was a bit more edge. Or something. (EDITOR’S NOTE: I thought it was GREAT).
Eleanor Friedberger live at Liverpool Sound City
So it’s off to Studio 2 for a spot of Mary Epworth. Her alt-country melodies are certainly arresting, and you gotta love the Stetson-wearing bassist’s huge beard – hirsute is where it’s at.
If the copybook is blotted, it’s only when they announce their final song, which turns out to last somewhere in the region of four bajillion years. Still, nifty stuff.
Still Flyin' at Liverpool Sound City getintothis.jpg
Still Flyin’ at Liverpool Sound City
Back in Mello Mello, San Francisco’s Still Flyin’ are making their first appearance on Merseyside, and holy crap, they’re making the most of it.
‘Euphoric’ is an over-used word in this racket, and man, we’d bloody love it if there was a more appropriate synonym.
But their new wave-tinged disco pop is more than merely irresistible. It’s a goddamned necessity. Good Thing It’s A Ghost Town Around Here turns the room into a writhing mass of delirious, dancing flesh. Pray you get to be a part of this party some time soon. (EDITOR’S NOTE: I thought it was GREAT).
We poke our heads around the door of Wolstenholme Creative Space to catch a coupla minutes of Jonquil, and swiftly regret it. Pop music this smug ain’t pop music; it’s patronising pap pedalled by ironists who think they’re above it. Rubbish. Less please. (EDITOR’S NOTE: I think the record is GREAT).
Jonquil at Liverpool Sound City.jpg
Jonquil at Liverpool Sound City
Only spacerock’s favourite sons Mugstar can save us from this mess, and they turn in a typically wondrous set of textured bliss and voluminous psychedelic assault.
These pieces don’t just rock, they pulverise. No matter how many times Getintothis sees this band, they never get old.
Tonight they’re on fire, and that’s a perfect way to send us out into the pissing rain to battle for cabs home. Our ears may be blown out, but we’re happy.
(EDITOR’S NOTE: There is no editor’s note, I hope these notes didn’t ruin the flow of Will’s GREAT review.).
Pictures Richard B, Sakura, Darren Aston and Conor McDonnell.