Waxxx 90s House Party: Camp And Furnace, Liverpool


Waxxx and the Camp and Furnace present a night of club classics, the Fresh Prince and 90s nostalgia, Getintothis’ Dru Ryder dons her florescent tracksuit.

WAXXX is becoming something of a cult for their alternative parties.
The warehouse venues and intense music sets are two reasons why people are catching on to their infamous status as one of the best nights out in Liverpool.
There’s an underground, exclusivity to the whole happening yet it also manages to feel completely inclusive and fun. So a 90s themed house party sounded the perfect fit for the ‘independent contemporary youth culture‘, WAXXX claim to cater for.
With Camp and Furnace providing the cool warehouse setting for a true 90s gathering, summer felt like it was ending with a big bang back to yesteryear.
Even the taxi driver got into the spirit, blasting ‘Now that’s what I call the 90s‘, as we rolled up, congratulating people in Adidas bomber jackets for their effort.
Perhaps our decision not to dress like Britney Spears or a Spice Girl was wise as there was no room for 90s cheese here. Clad in caps we were met by the sounds of the Hacienda club classics and Sonique projected on to the wall, pulling us back to our childhood memories.

A curtain divided two different rooms playing two very different sounds. Hard core trance circled the second room for the true 90s ravers, while Fatboy Slim and Shanks and Bigfoot, took us younger ones back to the days of Top of the Pops, when Eurodance topped the charts and high waisted fluorescent tracksuits reigned the fashion world.
The packed out Camp and Furnace allowed the night to have an increasing flow of people ready to rave to DJ’s like Lauren Lo Sung and Projekt 1.
Characteristically, WAXXX was a massive success, apart from the blow up chairs which deflated pretty quickly!
Reigniting our 90s groove, WAXXX brought back The Fresh Prince, my tamagotchi and a blasting of N-Trance to help me relive the good old days again.





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