Liverpool’s Abrogate plunges into the abyss and finds something dark and beautiful.

Kinda know how Abrogate feels.
There used to be a time when you were able to take a step back, take stock and digest. Relax a little and enjoy the moment. Nowadays everything seems to come at you all at once, enveloping you in a hazy mush of nothingness.
Bored. In a library,‘ we’re told in the accompanying note to Granulaat. It’s easy to picture Abrogate‘s scene: alone, yet surrounded by still bodies and frenetic minds, each disconnected from each other, completely immersed in the daily ritual of computer screens.
Abrogate chooses to immerse in sound; swerving melody for dark dissonance and heavily textured deliquescent drones.
Early work Sketches straddles thudding ambience, quite beautiful electronica and impenetrable white noise while the more recent First Light: First Jam recalls Oceansize at their meandering and mellifluous best.

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