Brian Nash on teaming up with McNabb, Prowse and Wylie ahead of their special Zanzibar gig


Former Frankie Goes to Hollywood bass player Brian ‘Nasher’ Nash teams up with the combined talents of Ian McNabb, Ian Prowse and Pete Wylie on Saturday at the Zanzibar for a charity gig dubbed 4 Men 4 Mencap. ‘We’ll do one song each and then let Wylie rant,’ he tells Getintothis’ Alan O’Hare.

Brian Nash is exactly the type of person who should write a book.
You know what I mean: a raconteur, a storyteller and a cracking conversationalist. In other words, great to have a pint with…
So many books are released these days (well, escape) by people who have never written ‘author’ on a passport form. And are never likely to.
But the ex-Frankie Goes To Hollywood guitarist is different. He actually has a story to tell – so it’s great that his autobiography, ‘Nasher Says Relax‘, is now available in all good book stores and online.
Thanks to Google, I could even look at the venues central to the stories I was telling,” he says. “I could see the place where we threw the merchandise out of the window in Chicago and the club where the dance floor collapsed!
The book is full of similar stories: “The writing process was really enjoyable,” he reveals. “I didn’t find it difficult at all. My mate owns a hotel in Jersey, so I took myself over there a few times, when he was shut, from October to April. I’d sit with the laptop, look out of the window and write…
Sounds idyllic. “It was. And a bit like ‘The Shining’! But I got a lot done and really got into the flow. 3000 words a day didn’t scare me there and all the little memories came flooding back too.
Nash has stayed busy since Frankie finished back in 1987. There have been collaborations, solo albums and real life. But the story of one of Liverpool’s best ever bands has never been far from his conversations.
The hardcore Frankie fans love the book,” he reveals, somewhat relieved. “I’ve had good feedback everywhere – but I knew they’d be the hardest people to please! If they like it, I’ve done the job well.

Nasher is back in town and on stage this week, at The Zanzibar, for a gig close to his heart. “My daughter works for Mencap Liverpool and the gig is a fundraiser for them. She stayed in town after finishing uni’ and is now working here full time. I’ve done a few things to help out – last year I even abseiled down the Anglican Cathedral!
This fundraiser will be more difficult however: Nash has to control the talents and egos of Pete Wylie, Ian McNabb and Ian Prowse at the gig dubbed as Four Men For Mencap.
We’ll do one song each and then let Wylie rant,” he laughs. “I was made up as the three of them said ‘yes’ as soon as I asked, which was lovely.

Why the three musketeers? “I want it to be loose and like Wylie’s famous ‘Classic’ nights from a few years back. I’ve know Pete for years – he was ‘Pete the Punk‘ to me and always will be. We’d see him from upstairs on the number 14 bus – he was already a legend before he put a record out!
Ian McNabb is a human jukebox and will be perfect for this gig. I love his dry sense of humour and one of my first bands actually supported The Icicle Works at Pickwicks back in the day!
Ian Prowse is great too – the man of the people! Ian McCulloch calls him ‘Springo’ of the Wirral‘ (Prowse never hides his love of Bruce Springsteen) and I love that. I can’t wait…
What can people expect then? “We’ll do a short set of songs each and then anything can happen! But I’ll defo’ be playing ‘The Power of Love’ and I’ll make sure they play the Liverpool songs everyone knows them for.

Nasher’s love for both his hometown and its music has never gone away and he reveals he’s been working with a local songwriter recently too: “I’m producing an album with Bootle songwriter David Tyrell. He’s a one man whirlwind and the album is sounding great.
I’ve played loads of electric guitar on his record and it’s led to a shocking eBay habit! Another £40 went the other day on a Les Paul that looks like the first one I ever owned!
Writing a book, producing a record and continuing work on his fourth solo album have all helped spark Nasher’s creative drive.
Saturday’s gig is perfectly timed for that energy to turn into something tangible and you’d be a fool to miss the party on Seel Street this Saturday.
Relax? A talent like his never will…

Nasher Says Relax is out now.
Four Men For Mencap takes place at The Zanzibar, Saturday, January 26. Tickets here.