MiC Lowry, Janiece Myers, Tyler Mensah: O2 Academy, Liverpool – picture gallery


Esco Williams’s debut solo show provided a glimpse into Liverpool music’s pop darlings – Getintothis’ Michelle Roberts was on hand to capture the future stars in waiting.

For a full review of the superlative night of music at the O2 featuring Esco Williams, MiC Lowry, Janiece Myers, Tyler Mensah read Getintothis review here.
In the meantime, here’s a selection of cracking pictures, which tell just a fraction of the full story. Enjoy.
MiC Lowry-Janiece-Myers-live-O2-Academy-review-here-comes-the-new-challenger.jpg
Boy band MiC Lowry at the O2 Academy
Janiece Myers was in fine voice supporting Esco at the O2
Tyler Mensah-MiC Lowry-Janiece-Myers-live-O2-Academy-review-here-comes-the-new-challenger.jpg
Teenager Tyler Mensah showcased his talent at the Academy
Janiece Myers welcomes her five-year-old niece, Jada, to the stage
MiC Lowry-Janiece-Myers-live-O2-Academy-review-here-comes-the-new-challenger-2.jpg
MiC Lowry exuded class beyond their years at the O2
Tyler Mensah-MiC Lowry-Janiece-Myers-live-O2-Academy-review-here-comes-the-new-challenger-2.jpg
Tyler Mensah mixed originals with covers of Frank Ocean among others.
Pictures by Getintothis’ Michelle Roberts.
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