Liverpool Sound City 2013: Soley, Dan Croll, The Chapman Family, Anna Corcoran: Epstein Theatre, Bold Street Coffee, Leaf, The Brink, Liverpool


dan croll 2.jpg
Liverpool Sound City day two serves up a plethora of fine new pop stars, Getintothis’ Alan O’Hare catches his breath.

It’s Friday night. It’s Sound City. And we open up… in a dry bar?
Is right. I Am Kloot may have provided the inspiration for The Brink. But tonight’s opener Anna Corcoran – fresh from a play or two on Janice Long‘s BBC R2 show – owns it tonight.
The coffee machines might be noisy, but you can’t override those glistening keyboard notes and gorgeous vocals.
dan croll 1.jpg
Dan Croll brewing up a storm in Bold St Coffee
And here lies the dilemma at the heart of Sound City: the whole city is out. But we need people who are listening. No matter, Anna’s melodies are as delicate as glass. Look her up as soon as you can.
Around the corner to Leaf and we’re hit by The Chapman Family. In every way. The gig may well be sponsored by the good folks at CALM – but the music is anything but. It punches above its weight and wins over a packed Bold Street. Any good? We’re not sure. But they definitely believe.
As does Dan Croll. Up the road at the intimate Bold Street Coffee and the GIT Award nominated sensation is bringing it all back home: acoustic set, packed venue full of locals and as forgiving crowd as they come.
The place is rammed and the line stretches around the street – but the music is worth it. Sure, Croll wraps his delicious melodies in all kinds of fun packages – but tonight we’re hearing them as nature intended. A folk singing hero? It’s something to be.
Soley thrilled the Epstein
Which brings us to this evening’s true pop star: Soley. The Icelandic chanteuse has it all and the Epstein Theatre is in the palm of her hands. Notes shilly, grown man shally and the rest of us just sit back and enjoy the music.
Sometimes, at sometimes, it’s the same time all over the world. Music. Bloody hell…
Pictures by Getintothis’ Matt Owen and Tom Adam.