Singles Club #76


The latest Singles Club sees Getintothis’ Liam Fay finally become lost for words, provoke self-inflicted violence and berate old weathermen. Oh, he also talks about some good new music. Well it is a music column.

Ducktails: Honey Tiger EyesSingle of the Week
Grabbing you from the get-go this dreamy track is perfect for lamenting the sudden death of summer and the beginning of constant drizzle from now until next July (who needs Michael Fish?).
Short, sweet and with an abrupt ending that snaps you out of your daze just so you can press play again and again until your index finger bleeds. Best get a box of plasters in.

River Caves: Thanks For Being A Fuck
This ticks boxes for me. New Liverpudlian outfit with an angry song that doesn’t sound like something Sum 41 might have done. Give it a go, it’s pretty easy, and very fun.

Southern: World Don’t Shine
Americana foot-stomper alert!
This even has a Liverpool link. Which is always boss. Southern features Bill Ryder-Jones‘ drummer. See? Boss.
The video cheeses me off though. Why is the girl (as pretty as she is) playing with her hair in that drunk-angst sort of way. It infuriates me. Which, admittedly, isn’t hard to do. The song is a wee treat so it’s a case of closing my eyes and imagining her not annoying me.

Psychic Ills: See You There
There’s nothing scarier than aliens. Except for a record stealing alien.
This video has one (it also has a touch of the Beastie Boys about it, note the Hawaiian shirt wearing cops at the end). I had to hide behind numerous cushions just to listen to the new Psychic Ills track. It was worth all of the cowering though for this menacing, psychedelic trip.
They’ll be playing the Liverpool Psych Fest on Friday September 27 too. Can’t think of a better opportunity to wig out all year.

Haim: The Wire
I love this lot. The sisterly trio have an album slated for release on Monday September 30 and this is the latest single from it. They then tour the UK on the back of it. There’s no Liverpool date though. Which is a crying shame (with actual tears, mainly mine). You don’t know what you’re missing out on girls!
I’d like to be their mate but they’d probably make fun of me and my semi-snide Adidas jacket that I’ve been wearing since the summer of 2008.
I’ll leave the hobnobbing to the hipster types.

The Weekend-XO feat. Drake: Live For
Has rap evolved in such a way that it can no longer be considered to be truly part of the four elements of hip-hop anymore or are there just many different sub-genres of rap that leaves such an argument null and void?
I don’t think it matters to be honest. But, I’m just some cracker thinking out loud. This tune perpetuates many stereotypes yet renders them unimportant with the ethereal presentation.
Everyone’s second favourite Canadian rapper, Drake (behind Buck 65 of course) is the maple syrup all over the top of this aural short-stack.

Cut Copy: Free Your Mind
And now for something else from Australia.
Just when you thought nothing else could come from down under Cut Copy continue the fine wave of Antipodean music on offer.
Their new album Free Your Mind will be released on the Monday November 4 and if this teaser is anything to go by it should be a belter. Or a ripper, mate.
Remember when the Aussies had both pop domination with Kylie and Jason AND seemed like never relinquishing the Ashes? Isn’t the future much better?!

Son Lux: Lost It To Trying
Oh, what sumptuous sounds! What else can we say?

Arcade Fire: Reflektor
I was thinking just the other week that it’s been a while since Arcade Fire have released a seven minute track that sort of builds and builds. Then they released this.
It’s ok and it does require more than one listen though and make sure you give it the full running time. Which is probably more time than you busy, young, vibrant professionals can spare. So sort of fast forward it. Trippy.

Waxahatchee: Misery Over Dispute
I love Waxahatchee. I’m not too sure how you pronounce it though. It looks simple but I feel the vaguely phonetic spelling might be a trap.
In conversations in which I drop Katie Crutchfield’s alter ego I simply hold a card out and point to it.
Give her album Cerulean Salt a listen to. You shouldn’t be disappointed. If you are you can stop reading.
And throw your computer away. And punch yourself right in the face. Go on. I dare you.

Islet: Tripping Through The Blue Room (Part II)
Autumn is upon us and this is a perfect companion to soundtrack the falling leaves and the all-encompassing darkness closing in swiftly.
The video is an interesting whilst mainly, and obviously, being disturbing and a touch stomach churning it is also, in a way, a little bit soporific.
Please look closely and don’t just assume that I must be some sort of sociopath. They play Maguire’s – that new Pizza joint – on October 25 which should pretty incredible.