Getintothis: the next chapter


getintothis welcome message 2

We’re back. Welcome to our new home, please take a look around – and get involved.

I don’t like change. In fact, I almost fear it. 

With change comes risk, and call me a bore, but I’m not much of a risk-taker either. I don’t gamble (Fantasy Football doesn’t count), don’t like outdoor pursuits (why on earth would I want to dangle off a mountain, or for that matter, leap off one attached to a pink elasticated bungee cord), am positively contemptuous towards roller-coasters and have little inclination to ride in a hot air balloon – not least because you have to wear a ridiculous outfit and put your trust in A) the balloon and B) an over-sized picnic basket. No, ta, I am perfectly happy right here on the ground listening to Mastodon.

Perhaps it comes with being the son of two teachers who taught in Liverpool for more than 35 years, bringing up two children in a positively middle-class environment with the relative luxury of a ‘stable’ home. There’s something altogether comforting in the normality of it all. And yet, the unswerving dedication to sticking to the script can in fact make chaos, disorder and unpredictability a genuinely loathsome proposition.

However, sometimes change is necessary. Sometimes it’s forced up on you – like when a supermarket has run out of Fruit N’ Fibre and you’re forced into purchasing their Own Brand – the calculated gamble can result in a panic attack in aisle number seven… 

In Getintothis‘ case, change was both forced upon us and something we really had to do.

After seven years our affiliation with the Liverpool Daily Post & Echo has come to an end, and we’re stepping out in to the wider cyber world as an independent vessel. We’re young, cheap and positively easy. 

We’re still fully committed and immersed in the world’s best new sounds – but with, what I’d argue, a greater sense of purpose and vision.

Of course, Liverpool and the Merseyside region is still our platform, and we’ll still be focused on unearthing the best home grown talent, however, we’re hoping to revisit more of what Getintothis was about when we first launched – a music webzine tackling topical issues from pop culture the world over and with that in mind concentrating on what we consider to be the greatest tunes on offer with some of the region’s finest writers and photographers at the helm.

As always we’re on the look out for writers, photographers or anyone with creative juices coursing through their veins – if you’ve an idea you’d like to bring to the virtual table please do contact us at the appropriate email addresses in the bottom right of the page.

While we’ve been away, there’s been a fair bit happening – all of which is documented on Getintothis (no, we weren’t simply watching Thomas Müller & co. rule in Rio – though our downtime was extraordinarily well-timed); from Liverpool Music Week‘s big announcements to Constellation‘s launch in the Baltic Triangle, Africa Oye and gigs aplenty – we hope you’ll take the time to investigate further on our new home. There’s a lot of new stuff.

Of course, Getintothis is an organic entity and we’re evolving all the time, in fact the website is barely up to speed with where we want it to be, but we simply didn’t want to leave it offline for any longer. So over the coming weeks you’ll notice more changes afoot and some major announcements too.

But for now, we hope you enjoy all the new stories and images on offer, explore our new home at will, you’re always welcome – and finally embrace the change. We’re pretty chuffed with it.