Introducing: The Springtime Anchorage

The Springtime Anchorage

The Springtime Anchorage

With a sparkling new demo newly surfaced after last-year’s much-overlooked debut album, Getintothis’ Patrick Clarke has all you need to know about Liverpool’s finest folk-rockers The Springtime Anchorage.

Looking back on a 2014 so-lauded as Liverpool’s great resurgence, it’s hard not to feel that The Springtime Anchorage‘s Labour of Patience was a little overlooked among the slew of acclaimed new music coming thick and fast from these shores.

Perhaps it’s because that record lent more toward the past than the future – while it generally works to their favour, it’s in the classics – DylanSimon and Garfunkel et al. – that the foursome find their soundalikes. They are not, it’s fair to say, pioneers of anything all that revolutionary.

Yet retrospection’s no bad thing if it sounds half as good as Springtime at their best, the choicest cuts from last year’s LP revealing a weave of shining acoustic guitars threading their way through enthralling pop melodics.

Their newest track, Coming Around, is similarly enjoyable, a Byrds-esque hint of proto-psychedelia worming its way in through their trademark twists of melody.

Fresh, summery tones infuse themselves through bursts of electric guitar, bracing swells of vocal harmony the perfect complement to that yearning aesthetic.

It’s a track full of momentum for the foursome, flowing from propulsive, fleshed out verse to slow counterpoints of Fleet Foxes-esque vocal showpieces from all four members. It’s a slicker, more polished move from the group, betraying an elegance that craves far more attention than they get.

It’s arguably the best track yet from the group, who originally sprang from the demise of cult Merseyside favourites The Great Northwestern Hoboes a few years ago, and given the quality of their slender back-catalogue, that really is saying something.