The Voodoo Ball feat Voodoo Love Orchestra, 7 Suns, United Vibrations: The Kazimier, Liverpool

The Voodoo Ball

The Voodoo Ball

As the Voodoo Ball rolled into the Kazimier one last time, Getintothis’ Zach Jones enjoyed his funkiest Halloween yet. 

As the ghouls, goblins and someone who looked like a pound store version of Rob Zombie gather atop of Bold Street, the local residents couldn’t be more entertained, albeit slightly confused.
The raucous parade of the Katumba drummers is by far the highlight of tonight’s Voodoo Ball.

Looking like an undead troupe sent back to haunt us with a monolithic wall of rhythm they’re slightly out of place outside of a Tesco Extra in the rain. The battering of drum skins sounds like the four horsemen themselves as the entire city seems to shake with the volume.

The vibration brings Halloween into the Kazimier with a victorious cheer.

 The night itself is a whirlwind of funk, latin and reggae rhythms turning the Kazimier from rainy October, into a haunted tropical paradise, kind of like the Scooby Doo movie but without the shit plot and probably a bigger budget. It’s a beautiful insight into a Halloween that musically doesn’t have to be all about Danzig and the Misfits.

As London’s United Vibrations take to the stage the rooms swells with passion. They are a collective so over-poweringly positive that you couldn’t help yourself from dancing. As they tear through song after song of raucous energy, through the grime-esque lyricisim, funk blasts and reggae feels, the whole venue is alight.

The Voodoo Ball is a one of a kind night, a truly magical experience that is hands down the best way to spend Halloween in Liverpool. From Voodoo Love Orchestra to 7 Suns, the room never seems to stop moving. The visuals are incredible, and truly set the tone for the evening.

Roll on next year and the challenge of no-Kazimier to resurrect their spiritual home. We’ll have to wait and see.

Pictures by Getintothis’ Martin Saleh.