Pure Joy: Katie’s Gone Home

Pure Joy

Pure Joy

Getintothis’ David Hall reports on Katie’s Gone Home, the exciting debut single from a new Wirral three-piece destined for big things.

There’s a new love-buzz humming somewhere on Merseyside. Filtering through the cracks comes Pure Joy – a band who occupy a sound that is immediate, impressive and expansive, but debut single Katie’s Gone Home also hints at hidden depths we can’t wait to uncover.

First offering is a shape-shifting delight. Katie’s Gone Home is a bohemian shoegaze-inflected track, featuring bold washes of fuzzy guitars and wigged-out, hazy vocals. Looping, wigwams of synth hooks lure in the listener, only for the song to bare its psychedelic teeth by morphing into a possessed fairground ride as sections segue in and out and halt unexpectedly, or slow into a low-gravity jam.

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From the fertile ashes of the defunct Scouse garage/glam/lo-fi outfit The Loud, Pure Joy is the new beast by which Pennington Lee is now beginning to bloom. Parent album Bang Flower is due for release on Friday, April 1 (no fooling) and sees the Wirral-based outfit riding the wave of the Merseyside psych revival pioneered by acts like The Vryll Society and Strange Collective.

Coinciding with the release of Katie’s Gone Home, Pure Joy will also play Leaf Tea Shop on Saturday February 27, supporting London’s own up-and-coming noisepop purveyors Flowers.