Introducing: Mary Miller


Mary Miller

Awash under a haze of enchantment, ambient loops and fuzzy electric guitars, Getintothis’ Jake Marley delves into the ethereal world of one of Liverpool’s new gems, singer-songwriter Mary Miller.

Music is all about creativity, not being a sheep and molding a sound that has an effect on its listener either instantly or over time. For that very reason Liverpool is an exciting smoldering pot right now, singer-songwriters, producers and creatives are bubbling with intent. One of which is ethereal and ambient 21-year-old Mary Miller. Diversely influenced by the likes of Four Tet and King Krule and with a deep love of electronica and 90s hip-hop, there’s a lot to turn to creatively.

Producing a series of bedroom demos using a sequencer to mix drum loops and samples with distinct 50s-esque electric guitar lines, resonating subtly with your nostalgic wires, Miller has a way with your ears. Latest demo Angling strikes from the get go with off-kilter fuzz. Cinematic, sweeping dark trip-pop; mysteriously haunting yet stunningly pleasant.

There’s plenty more to come too, we’re told there’s another release coming towards the end of this month. Angling therefore is just the beginning, so there are plenty of reasons to be excited for what comes next.