Singles Club #140

The Wytches

The Wytches

As he tucks into a mighty plate full of new music, Getintothis’ Matthew Wood basks in the D.I.Y. punk ethic, embarks on a mountainous adventure and is fitfully freaked by a Japanese apparition. 

Single of the Week

The Wytches C-Side

The terrible trio we saw obliterate stages and gift many with an early onset of tinnitus with their ferocious, surf-infused grunge, make a return with a new band member, a disturbing music video, and a deliciously matured sound.

Retaining those ubiquitous haunting Halloween-y riffs, they’re given an extra edge of spookiness with the addition of synth player, Mark Breed and his bursts of church organ. Kristian Bell’s vocal is smoothly delivered to begin with, a rarity for him, but his rough, youthful growl returns much to our delight.

Check out the music video which utilised animatronics from artist John Nolan to replicate the freaky Japanese apparition, Rokurokubi; a spiritual mythical trauma in which one’s neck elongates to great lengths, i.e. not very pleasant at all.

All Your Happy Life is out September 30.

BleekerWhere’s Your Money

Taken from their self-titled debut EP, Bleeker’s Where’s Your Money is a gut-wrenching dose of good ole rock and roll, recalling that most welcome smack to the teeth we received from Royal Blood and the magnificently tight production of The Black Keys.

Hailing from Toronto, Canada, the trio brandish a ballsy confidence into their music, rocking riffs that could awaken a swagger you didn’t know you had inside you, and better still they’re bringing their tasty licks to the UK.

With a debut album, Erase You set to saunter into our ears anytime soon, you can get an early earful this October with their UK, kicking off October 6.

Robin RichardsLiquidator

Perhaps best known for his work under Dutch Uncles, Robin Richards takes his composition talent to new experimental lengths in his latest project inspired by the Chernobyl disaster and the ‘Liquidators’; those called upon to deal with the dramatic consequences of the nuclear catastrophe.

The music has been composed for a documentary film Birdsong: Stories from Pripyat, directed by Clara Casian featuring archival footage of the Liquidators and testimonies to those who are still nursing the wounds of the disaster.

Melancholic, mournful and a fantastic piece of music, Liquidator utilises mainly sombre, dark stabs of strings amongst some more experimental synths that plunge us into depths of uncertainty. For a truly emotive evening, why not see Richards and his string ensemble perform the soundtrack live with the accompaniment of the documentary. There’re three live dates, starting at HOME, Manchester on September 30.

Michael NauMaralou

Michael Nau; Appalachian mountain dweller, former Cotton Jones frontman and writer of songs that mirror the beauty of his surroundings, if you haven’t heard him yet, here’s your chance.

Maralou is a sheer delight from start to finish, as satisfying as the warm crackle of a campfire on a crisp, starry night, it skips along with a spring in its step like the early steps of a new adventure.

Short and sweet, this is just an appetiser from his upcoming album, Mowing, out on November 18, but if you can’t quell your appetite until then you can catch Nau across the UK starting November 10.

AathensI Wanna Be A Totem

Aathens really blew me away upon first listen, a wonderfully refreshing act capable of melting and bending our deeply instilled expectations of what music should be. Crafting a sound reminiscent of the legendary 70’s punk outfit Television, and favouring the dissonant genius of the likes of Slint, Aathens have equipped themselves to turn heads.

With two cracking singles under their belts, including I Wanna Be A Totem, the quartet are set to bring a further wave of jagged rock crashing on our shores real soon, keep your ears peeled!

Young Romance

Opening in a manner reminiscent of The XX, this track transforms from a dainty, dark pop track into something colossal, something mighty, something schizophrenic!

Another admirably D.I.Y. endeavour, the duo have strived to perfect their sound all by themselves, experimenting with various recording techniques before reaching their desired outcome.

Outstandingly rich with melody via Claire Heywood’s versatile vocal and equally doused in bludgeoning guitar riffs and soaring screeches that riddle this track with binary opposites that crash, collide yet simultaneously compliment one another.

Team PictureCLASSIC:M

Yet another promising band for Leeds to add to its ever increasing resume, Team Picture are a fuzz-loving bunch demonstrating a solid songwriting ethhic in their latest tune.

I sold my soul to be comfortable‘ creeps a sinister vocal over an ominous layer of drooling fuzz, as CLASSIC:M wriggles to life. A neat, timid riff holds its own amongst the brutal blasts of bass and offers a strong contrast of melodic rock with the deep, dark depths of their prevailing influences. 

PowellJonny (feat. Jonny)

Weaving wacky tapestries with lo-fi thuds, relentlessly unnerving guitar riffs that race frantically alongside sleepy utterances, Powell persistently push musical boundaries.

It’s an uneasy yet playful listen that aggressively worms into your system, you’re not entirely sure where it’s going to take you and it ‘taps into some untapped energy’ that’s for sure, let it writhe under your skin.

Check the video, it’s a bunch of nutters smashing open watermelons open with their skulls, don’t try this at ‘ome.


Opening with a good old 80’s kick drum and stabbing, sharp snare, Canadian synth-poppers, Diana get down and dirty with this funkadelic throwback.

Perfectly polished with touches that ooze professionalism, from the soundscape synths to the slightly indulgent layers of electronic drums the shimmering pop is layered with complexities for your enjoyment.

Familiar Touch is the band’s sophomore album and is out November 18.