Unknown Pleasures #101 ft. Gunslinger, Few Bits, Team Picture

Gunslinger (Press Shot)

Gunslinger (Press Shot)

It’s Thursday and that means one thing, Unknown Pleasures is here with your guide to all things sonically subterranean, Getintothis’ Mike Stanton shows you the sights.

After all the excitement of last week’s 100th edition hullaballoo it’s back to business as usual with another trio of outsider musical treats. This time we have some house-jacked beats courtesy of Gunslinger whose name suggests they should be heavy rock but are something altogether different; Electronic dream-pop from Belgium as Few Bits continue to tease their new album and capping things off, alt-rock outfit Team Picture have been busy in the studio bolting together 2 and a half minutes of nostalgia cloaked lo-fi pop-rock.

Genre-jumping duo Gunslinger are currently punching a hole in speakers with their brand new deep electro track All of Your Life. It’s a big track composed of thumping Brazilian bass, house beats and sampled vocals. Glitchy and rhythmic, its swept melodies and drop and build aesthetic ensure it will grace any club.

Gunslinger span most electronic genres, specialising in electro house, but also dabbling in deep house, electro, and trance. On All of Your Life they high-kick and sashay their way through over 4 minutes of bouncing and catchy electro house.

It is infectious and should be equally effective blasting out of a car window as bouncing off the walls of a club of pinging ravers. This will appeal to fans of Pendulum and Shpongle….probably.

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Belgian Indie dream-pop band Few Bits are releasing their sophomore album Big Sparks on September 30th and have teased us with the title track. Fronted by Karolien Van Ransbeeck it is a slice of dreamy, drifting atmospherics and sweet melodies.

Karolien’s songs tend to be about the shadowy side of love, about longing for something that always remains just out of reach and eventually having the courage to relinquish control. Here we encounter her in more positive if reflective mood as Big Sparks shimmers with an effusive energy and just enough introspection to keep the sweet gloss of melody firmly in matt-finish territory.

Finally, Leeds alt-rockers Team Picture have released their latest single CLASSIC:M, a relentlessly grinding two-and-a-half-minute thrum of dirty and grime-streaked rock n’ roll, soaking up low-in-the-mix keyboards and My Life With The Thrill Kill Kult-esque female backing vocals lending the whole thing a pleasing sleaze-core feel.

Looking to follow-up the success of single Birthday Blues earlier in the summer they have been in the studio working on some new sounds and CLASSIC:M is the product of these sessions, showcasing a band brimming with creativity and determination as they look to breakthrough with their lo-fi fuzz-pop. While undoubtedly rock, it has a new wave synthy quality to it and could have come straight from the 1980’s. This elevates it above the usual slew of post grunge rock tracks that continue to circle the musical planet like the Black Knight Satellite.

CLASSIC:M is out now.