Cabbage, Psycho Comedy, FUSS: Magnet, Liverpool



After braving the elements and cancelled trains, Getintothis’ Nathan Scally found it was all worth it for one of the most raucous sets he has ever seen. 

Cabbage are being called the most exciting band coming out of Manchester right now. Describing it themselves as ‘idiosyncratic, satirical attack in the form of discordant neo post-punk‘. They are not ones to conform to any ideologies you might have on how music should sound.

The amount of tickets sold for the night and the atmosphere inside is testament to how many people believe in this band and what they are saying. Just across town is Liverpool Music Week‘s closing party. No fewer than four stages full of acts, drawing a numerous amount of punters away but still Magnet is buzzing to the brim. Evol have brought yet another of the countries finest talent to the city.

Unfortunately for this reviewer Merseyrail had a shocker on the night, and was kicked off the train at Sandhills. Had a better internet connection been available it would have been obvious that it was just this train that wasn’t finishing the journey and all it would have taken was a 10 minute wait.

Sadly after a relaxing walk in the rain (ha!) it appears FUSS and Psycho Comedy have already been and gone. However the general vibe from the drier crowd is that both bands put on a set worthy of the evening. We were disappointed to miss these two hotly tipped Liverpool acts, but the will of the universe had other plans.

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As Cabbage take to the stage, the punters have swarmed to stage front like school children to the dinner queue. Once the first note is struck down front is chaos right up until the last. Tracks from all three of their latest EP’s are given an outing, and each one was given a better reception than the last. Uber Capitalist Death Tirade is an opener with bigger bollocks than most bands opening tunes. Kicking the doors down, demanding the entire attention of the saloon just like Eastwood.

Frontmen Lee and Joe both enjoyed frequent trips down front, a thought has to be spared for their technician, he did the job of two men in confined sweaty conditions. Being such a political band its tough to keep the material relevant but they have managed to release three solid EP’s in less than a year, keeping on top of all the hot topics. Their personal ode to Donald TrumpFree Steven Avery is a look on the state of America in the eyes of an Englishman and just how ridiculous their situation is.

Each tune went down a hit in a hell of a party, their fanbase is growing and growing. At the time of writing the newly announced show at Manchester’s Gorilla has single figure tickets left already. They’re part of a new wave of artists breaking the mould but still getting the notice they deserve.

They’ll be back in the new year and be sure not to miss a night of raucous enlightening punk.

Pictures by Getintothis’ Phil Greenhalgh