Gengahr, Caro, AGP: the Buyers Club, Liverpool



In a set pack with falsetto vocals and psychedelic sounds galore, Getintothis’ Lorna Dougherty enjoyed an night of top rising talent.

In the (almost) secret location that is The Buyers Club we’re reminded tonight why the venue is, and will continue to be, one of the city’s favourite hang-outs. The tranquil fairy lights outside invite everyone in, and in they come for an evening of magical melodies.

Despite having played Liverpool multiple times over the past two years, it was Gengahr‘s first headline show in the city, and is certain to to not be their last.

First support came from Liverpool four piece AGP, who set the tone perfectly; with high-toned guitars and a heavy use of the synthesiser it created a mellow ambience where the crowd nodded in appreciation of a clearly musically talented band oozing with potential. Worth keeping a look out for.

Next up was three-piece Caro, a highlight of ours from Off The Record. Joining Gengahr on every night of the tour, the second night was a homecoming show for lead singer, Adam. This factor, and also the release of their new song Smorgasbord the day before, saw the spirits of the boys were sky high.

The Leeds lads set combined rough guitars, yet juxtaposed it with sprightly synth licks. Combined with a prominent bass, and vocals comparable to that of Matt Bellamy of Muse, the set went down a treat with the already excited crowd.

A particular mention has to be given to the drummer, who captured our attention during every song; smooth transitions and clever stick work using both the electronic pad and kit and switching stick types during song – yet still looking, and playing, so slick. Bravo. The instrumental during the final song definitely showed the clear potential the lads have.

Take a look around the Buyers Club – the Hardman Street hotspot for music and food

Last, but definitely not least, were the alternative quartet, Gengahr. After enjoying many shows these boys have played at Liverpool, including Sound City in 2015, (as one member of the crowd pointed out, “I saw you at the Kaz, lad,” so did we, ‘lad’) we feel this show was long overdue, and deliver they did. You know a gig is a good one when it is finished before you even realise it has properly begun; tonight was one of them.

The London boys are definitely not just about music – they cleverly combine everything artistic, and all the meaning behind it, into each of their songs. They have their own style which is almost incomparable to another, and after each song you just say aloud, “tune.”

Their set consisted of some oldies and some newbies, and some favourites from their debut album, A Dream Outside, and each and every song confirmed lead singer’s vocal ability. Certain riffs throughout caused a synchronised face and noise of awe from the crowd. Finishing the set with fans’ favourite She’s a Witch the crowd bobbed up and down to the slickly played instruments and beautiful harmonies.

After hearing some of the new songs live, we can only expect the support for Gengahr to grow – which is truly deserved. Their second album is now highly anticipated along with more headline shows.

Pictures by Getintothis’ Peter Goodbody.




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