Unknown Pleasures #127 ft. Oh800, Flesh Panthers, 485c


485c (credit: artist’s Facebook page)

Back for another week of Unknown Pleasures, Getintothis’ Lorna Dougherty uncovers three more hidden gems.

This week is filled with punk.

Love it or hate it, it has withstood the test of time. Whenever knocked it seems to come back stronger than ever and these three bands prove why.

First up we have Oh800, a three-piece from London. With their political and controversy-inducing lyrics coupled with contemporary-yet-retro production values, they are part of the current rebirth of punk. Embracing a dance-psych-punk style, the fuzzy guitars of Shoulda Known It combine with cowbells, electronic elements and spoken-word vocals to give off a weirdly wacky and wonderful mixture of Franz Ferdinand and early Echo and the Bunnymen. There’s also an 80s New Order vibe with a bit of LCD Soundsystem thrown in for good measure. We love it.

Next we have, Chicago four-piece Flesh Panthers. There is not a better place to live for a band than the busy, buzzing, party city of Chicago, especially when your songs are just as busy and party-filled. Their song Charged Hair is just over two minutes long and fills all those seconds. The band’s first release was in 2014 and their latest was just last year, but the band have announced a ‘big change‘ for the them in the upcoming weeks. There are no clues to what it is but now you’ve listened you’re definitely going to stick around for it.

Antipop Records – reclaiming punk for a new generation

Finally we have 485c a five-piece from East-London suburbs, these five also give you a two minute fast, filled, punchy rock-n-roll, punk banger. 485c‘s second single Strange Medicine is the follow-up every band wishes for. Resembling The Strokes‘ debut album, lead singer Adam‘s vocals, shredded guitar riffs and punchy percussion provide for a perfect head-banger sing-a-long, that will have you doing that scene from Wayne’s World in the back of the car.

Long live punk!