Getintothis Jukebox Thirty Five: Beach House, Pixx, Let’s Eat Grandma, Ten Tonnes and many more

Getintothis Jukebox

Getintothis Jukebox

Getintothis Jukebox is a monthly new music column featuring an eclectic selection of new releases, lovingly complied into playlist form by Getintothis’ Jake Marley.

Hello we start this month’s Getintothis Jukebox with a scream from the top of my voice. BEACH HOUSE ARE BACK! That means a lot to me, they’re just do damn good, if the track that kicks off this mixtape is the first of theirs you’ve heard, rectify that immediately and go and listen to their fabulous back catalogue. You won’t regret it.

So as you’ve gathered above Beach House return, and when that happens you’ve got to put their incredible new track front and centre of this month’s playlist haven’t you? Of course you have, so I have. Bask in the glorious beauty of their returning wave Chariot forever and ever.

Now for a remix – a stunning one at that. It’s a Pixx track that’s pretty glorious in its original form but has had fresh life breathed into it by the fabulous Let’s Eat Grandma, bow down to their sublime rework of I Bow Down now.

Gothenburg duo Pale Honey have been churning out irresistible gems on Bolero Recordings for a while now and are really preparing us for what is all set to be a belting debut album later this year. They’ve changed it up beautifully on pulsy new synth cut Why Do I Always Feel This Way. It’s world’s away from the ferocious guitars of predecessor Real Thing, but that stunning versatility is what makes that upcoming record so intriguing and exciting.

Caitlyn Scarlett’s brought us a new pop banger and the world is entirely a better place for it. It’s a bold jam titled Shangri-la inspired by novel Lost Horizon by James Hilton. Turn it up, these addictive trip-pop pulses are good for your soul.

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Glasgow-based producer Turtle has enlisted the dreamy vocals of Eliza Shaddad on Blood Type – the first track from his new record Human. It’s a bubbling, reflective concoction of sweeping waves, utterly majestic.

Sydney pop sensation ELKI has released an absolute banger in the form of Beautiful Mess, an absolutely irresistible groove that you’ll be humming and singing for hours.

Talking of bangers, K.I.D most certainly provide their fair share of them. The latest of which Boy features CupcakKe and is a fabulous dose of shouty, expressive, power pop.

I’ve got so much love for this next artist. The phenomenal Joy Crookes. I really can’t get enough of her irresistible modern soul number Bad Feeling, I bet you can’t get enough soon enough either.

Now London-based duo Fang Night, a modern electro-pop outfit with undoubted potential. Potential that’s never been quite as potent as within dark-pop feeler Steady Cruising. Catchy guitar licks meet flowing electronics beautifully in the middle, simply beautiful.

Liverpool lads The Jackobins unleashed their majestic new single Nightfire on the world last week. It’s very much a track that allows you to see them in their best light. They’re collectively firing on all cylinders, the most confident they’ve been and peaking for the year just in time to blow up festival season big time.

It’s all taking shape and as showcased by Radio X last week This is a single that can adorn party playlists, festival stages and DJ sets alike and do it in serious style. Massive banger.

Ten Tonnes new single Born To Lose aired on Huw Stephens’ Radio 1 show whilst I was away in Snowdonia recently and it’s one of the most ear-wormy tracks I’ve heard in a long-time. Hearing it old school on the radio, beneath the mountains was pretty fun too. Banger.

Recent signees to Cannibal Hymns, EAT FAST have showcased the title-track from their new EP Immortal Kombat – a fuzzy lo-fi piece of groove punk goodness.

Scandi obsession Shitkid has unveiled Two Motorbikes, taken from her debut album due later this year. Pretty much everything she’s puts out is fucking killer, so as you’d expect following that statement this new track is wicked.

Amber Arcades has teamed up with Bill Ryder-Jones for Wouldn’t Even Know – a truly lovely, broody new track taken from her new Cannonball EP due on the terrific Heavenly Recordings imprint – June 2.

Little Red is a little bit good. Well more than a little, she’s really, really good. Second single What Love Is proves it, stunning vocal delivery amongst part flickering, part throbbing synths. Stunning.

Jake McMullen’s Falling taken from upcoming EP Giving Up, shape a new future, from a drastically changed musical past. Escaping the pigeonhole of folk crooner with a change of scenery, this is a track with a totally refreshed instrumental foundation of keys, glittery guitars and the like. It’s fuller, lo-fi pop that’s throughly enjoyable.

Destroyer is the first taste of Ruby Haunt’s forthcoming Nevada EP and it’s pretty majestic shoegazey goodness. Dreamlike.