Ian Hunter, The Worry Dolls: Hangar 34, Liverpool

Ian Hunter at Hangar 34

Ian Hunter at Hangar 34

As Ian Hunter & Rant Band return to Liverpool Getintothis’ Jessica Borden heads down for a night of classic rock & roll.

In the midst of a heatwave Ian Hunter takes to the stage in Hangar 34.

The crowd, which has dramatically increased since the end of the support act, is filled with life long fans of Ian Hunter. There is a buzz from couples and groups of friends waiting in the boiling heat in anticipation for their hero to take their stage. As the band appears the crowd errupts to cheers which manage to be maintained throughout the show.

The more intimate venue plays well for Hunter as it allows the crowd a much greater connection to him and it deals with the heatwave incredibly whilst they bring out large fans at the side of the stage, a welcomed breeze in a room which felt how the opening of a hot oven door feels.

Tracks like When I’m President , Dandy and The Truth, the Whole Truth, Nuthin’ but the Truth take the crowd by storm and as the classic 70’s rock & roll melodies appear to send the majority of the crowd back to their youth and fill them with the joy of a familiar sound. The tracks and melodies sound and feel exactly how you imagine the classic 70’s gigs would of. They embody an act of rebellion.

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In support where Worry Dolls, a folk band that met in Liverpool at university and had returned to play with a living legend to a decent sized crowd. Their sound was met with cheers and each person gave their full attention. Tracks like Bless Your Heart, won the crowd over with their anicdotes of travels and swirling harmonies which also worked to perfection in a heatwave as if they had brought the weather with them from Nashville after recording their debut album.

Photos by Getintothis’ Gary Coughlan