Unknown Pleasures #140 ft. Baywaves, Haunt the Woods and Wild Front



Grab your mulled wine and pop your headphones in, Getintothis’ Lauren Wise is armed with three fresh and exciting songs to soundtrack this coming autumn.

First up is a jangly pop song from Baywaves that will have you feeling like summer never ended.

The hypnotic vocals on Down 4 U combined with dreamy solos are the ideal mixture for those who want to shut their eyes and pretend they’re in California rather than rainy England. 

Of the single, Baywaves said: “When we sat down to record it we spent a lot of time geeking with vintage synths and keys, perfecting the vocal effects and working on the arrangements, so it ended up having a catchy 70s pop vibe to it.”

However, if you’ve managed to accept that autumn is without a doubt here, you might just be ready for the more autumnal tones of Haunt the Woods’ Beautiful Catastrophe.

A simple guitar strumming begins the song, eventually added to piece by piece. At first a harmony joins, then a rhythmic drumming is layered with a violin and topped off with the heart-wrenching guitar solo.

It’s rare that a build up can catch the listener’s ear as effectively as Beautiful Catastrophe does.

Singles Club #161

Wild Front are the South Coast hailing four-piece bringing jangly indie into winter with their single Physics. Released on their EP of the same name, Physics is a memorable track both recorded and live.

A catchy bass line runs smoothly alongside unique vocals and a chugging guitar, creating an instantly recognisable sound. 

Like a classic indie pop band, Wild Front manage to take lyrics of heartbreak and turn them into an easily dance-able track.





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