Liverpool music gig guide: Hookworms, Peaness, Pale Waves and much more

Pale Waves by Niall Lea

Pale Waves (photo credit: Niall Lea)

The usual goodies, sweeties and treats are on offer this week, so GetintothisDavid Hall rustles the paper bag and encourages you to dip right in.

When you think about it, a Liverpool gig week is a lot like the Winter Olympics. No really, stick with us. It’s not just a desperate attempt to remain topical.

If you throw yourself into the thing, and take in everything on offer, chances are you’ll run into something that you’ve never considered before and enjoy it.

So if you’re an acoustic chin-stroker or a plaid shirt wearing pop-rocker, there are plenty of options on offer this week, like blistering noise rock or doomy dream pop.

It’s all a lot like watching the skeleton bob or the curling and becoming a big fan!

Okay so it’s nothing like that, but we’ve got to come up with some sort of all-encompassing metaphor every week, and the law of averages says they can’t all be winners. Just check out the gigs, alright?

Howie Payne

Howie Payne

Howie Payne, Marvin Powell, Zuzu: Unity Theatre, Tuesday February 20

Over at the Unity Theatre there’s plenty going on in midweek. The phrase ‘like a fine wine’ has been thrown around liberally regarding former Stands man Howie Payne, who headlines a lineup also including the fine attention to detail of Marvin Powell.

The next generation is also well represented, with the recently major label signed Zuzu on the bill.

Gill Guillermo [photo credit: Jennifer Rawlings, courtesy artist Facebook]

Gill Guillermo [photo credit: Jennifer Rawlings, courtesy artist Facebook]

Gill Guillermo: Red Brick Vintage, Thursday February 22

Down in the Baltic Triangle’s reinvigorated Cain’s Brewery complex, Gill Guillermo celebrates the release of his debut single on the Red Brick Vintage stage.

With an increasing amount of gigs around the city centre, Guillermo‘s face is becoming familiar and things seem to be on the up for him.



Hookworms: Invisible Wind Factory, Friday February 23

Drone rock titans Hookworms seem like they’re unstoppable these days. The Leeds based quintet have just released their latest Microshift, their third album and showcasing a plethora of noise, psych and kraut influences and pretty much one sick bassline after another.

The five piece open up their new UK tour in the Invisible Wind Factory, which is bound to be an event.

Read our interview with Hookworms here.

Peaness (photo credit: Peter Goodbody)

Peaness (photo credit: Peter Goodbody)

Peaness: 81 Renshaw, Friday February 23

Chester-based indie pop trio Peaness are set for an intimate 81 Renshaw showing this week. They’re mega busy this month, supporting Indoor Pets – formerly Get Inuit – on a UK tour and taking off-date time out to treat us to their first Liverpool headline show.

Appearing in support are Liverpool bands, Eastcote and Karuna, along with Manchester-based (and Huyton-grown), SIREN.

Move D

Move D

Abandon Silence 8th Birthday Series: Invisible Wind Factory, Friday February 23

The second in Abandon Silence‘s extended birthday celebrations – and if you can’t have a lavish birthday party when you’re eight, when can you – the Invisible Wind Factory will sway to the sounds of German ambient techno purveyor Move D, Willow, and Kiwi brothers Chaos In The CBD to kick off this weekend.

Pangaea [image credit: artist Soundcloud]

Pangaea [image credit: artist Soundcloud]

Pangaea: North Shore Troubadour, Friday February 23

Record label Hessle Audio co-founder Pangaea follows up a December launch night with Murlo with a North Shore Troubadour set with Henry Turner, Adam Plummer and Jack Pemberton supporting.

An extended 3 hour set of deep and percussive sounds of UK bass and forward-thinking techno await in the docklands.

Pale Waves

Pale Waves

Class Of 2018 Tour – Pale Waves, Our Girl, Bloxx: Studio 2, Saturday February 24

Nailed on dead certs to be the next big thing – even ya nan will surely have heard of them this time next year – Pale Waves dispatch their addictive, refined dream pop with a goth aesthetic in the tiny confines of Studio 2.

The date has long since sold out, and particularly with the fuzzy alt rock of Our Girl and the flawless guitar pop of Bloxx in support, we can truly see why.

High Tyde - image from

High Tyde – image from

Quality? Quantity? Variety? It’s all there and more in this week’s edition of GetintothisGigbites:

  • Dappy: O2 Academy, Monday February 19
  • High Tyde: O2 Academy, Tuesday February 20
  • International Jazz Festival featuring James Taylor Quartet, Skeltr: Capstone Theatre, Thursday February 22
  • Martin Harley: Philharmonic Music Room, Thursday February 22
  • Cabezudos: EBGBs, Friday February 23
  • Rebecca Ferguson: Philharmonic Hall, Saturday February 24
  • Deathwave Presents – Old Corpse Road, Daemona, Cadence Noir: EBGBs, Sunday February 25

Upcoming gigs to keep an eye on:

Belle & Sebastian

Belle & Sebastian

Belle and Sebastian: Philharmonic Hall, Monday March 19

Yeah, this one is still upcoming. Forgot about it, didn’t you? Well there are still tickets left for you to see the Glaswegian indie-pop royalty (and we don’t use that word lightly) Belle and Sebastian in the magnificent Philharmonic Hall.

With their latest album Girls in Peacetime Want to Dance now three years hence, the band last year dropped surprise single We Were Beautiful and are in the midst of releasing a trio of EPs titled How to Solve Our Human Problems. Check it all out live in about a month’s time, why doncha?