Singles Club #175



Dipping into Stockholm’s creative pockets and witnessing the return of potentially the biggest star on the planet right now, Getintothis’ Matthew Wood arrives with more fresh picks. 

Single of the Week

VildeFlash In The Pan

Stockholm’s Thomas Vilde adds another terrific composition to his back catalogue as he taps into his exceedingly vast pool of influence in Flash In The Plan.

Initially feeling clustered and labyrinthian; a dark, throbbing synth leads us to deep depths, a sense of impending doom arises, with Vilde’s vocals recalling Hayden Thorpe of Wild Beasts.

We’re then catapulted from the dark unknown and Vilde takes us on a fleeting journey on his musical magic carpet, picking up influences of The Orient and various cultural sounds that become brighter and shinier as we progress.

Think Bombay Bicycle Club’s So Long, See You Tomorrow meets Alt-J’s An Awesome Wave.

Childish GambinoThis Is America

Atlanta star Donald Glover continues to ride his train of success with the release of his latest track as Childish Gambino, This Is America.

A cryptic video sees Glover strutting around a car park, engaging in multiple personas, blowing out brains and riffing on what it means to be an African American.

Typically, Glover offers potent interpretations of modern survival, “this is a cell, that’s a tool” could recall the tragedy of Stephon Clark who was shot as an armed robbery suspect, carrying just a cell phone, while the gospel choir recall Grandma’s advice, “get your money, Black man”.

The VoidzCoul as a Ghoul

Julian Casablancas and his Voidz have seemingly tapped into a genre of the future and in the wake of the release of Virtue, their sophomore record, you can’t help but think where they could possibly go next.

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Coul as a Ghoul may not provide a definite answer, it travels in the same hectic, industrial vein as later tracks from the record, abrasive, but enough mania to keep your ears twitching, it is indeed an extension on a theme predicting the dark and punishing future we as a human race deserve…

Ladies and gentlemen
Welcome to the 187th Warmonger of the Year award
And the winner
For 2018 Warmonger of the Year is…

URFSay You Don’t Mind

Manchester quintet URF are here to sparkle, conjuring up Black Angels-esque riffs and honing their female-fronted 80’s shoegaze obsessions.

Aside from sparkling, they’re also here to dominate, evident as they slide into an explosive passage without warning, drawing stark contrast to the glistening, psychedelic swathes that come before.

Their full E.P. For The Ride is stunning and out now.

YoursCarry Me To The Line

Electronic duo, Yours have released this intriguing number that places pulsing, dance-orientated beats alongside candid lyrics with a downtrodden delivery, conjuring up images of a pensive robot assessing their existence.

There’s a freedom to their construction in which they channel clear passions for both electronica and exploration of emotions through lyrics.

The final product is a unique blend, the robotic vocals quiver with their human origin while ethereal synths shimmer over their pumping yet contemplative.




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