Unknown Pleasures #163 ft. A Shoreline Dream, Plike, AyOwA

A Shoreline Dream (Press Shot)

A Shoreline Dream (press shot)

In this week’s round-up of the best under-the-radar music you’ll need, Getintothis’ Mike Stanton roots out some stylish shoegaze from Denver, haunting electronica from Illinois and modular dream-pop from Denmark.

A Shoreline Dream have been producing atmospheric shoegaze since the early 2000s and they are back with new single Waitout.

Waitout is an epic and shimmering swirler with layer upon layer of echoing textures that enmesh ensuring the sounds shift interestingly, enticing the listener to plunge further into the pool of reverbing ambience. There are spine-tingling flourishes of uplifting bliss that grow and peak mixing trance-like beauty with some seriously deep and delayed guitar.

“The lead single Waitout is a reflection of the current state of world affairs, focusing on the need to break away from the stagnation and creating change in our lives,” explains Ryan Policky (vocals, guitar and keys). “It may be one of the biggest fears of those living in the world today but we do in fact need change, and the song is a rallying cry to remind us all to make it happen”.

The Waitout EP is out July 8th on Latenight Weeknight Records

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Plike (Photo Andy Morales-Torres AMT Photoworks)

Plike (Photo Andy Morales-Torres AMT Photoworks)

Em Baker aka Plike is an electronic music producer and weaver of dark and macabre tapestries. Often exploring the further reaches of the human psyche her compositions are dense cinematic symphonies that convey a sense of claustrophobia and foreboding.

Her latest EP Dark Room is a collection of twisted lullabies and haunting tales that seep out of the ethereal realm and ooze into our reality casting twitching shadows into the farthest corners. The Monster Study emanates a dead-of-night eeriness, combining whispering voices, mournful strings, cloying synths and portentous vocals to conjure deep atmospherics and darkening mystery.

Dark Room is out now.

AyOwA (Press Shot)

AyOwA (Press Shot)

With modular synths, old tape machines and ethereal vocals, new Danish duo AyOwA channel their Nordic roots creating their dark, electronic, atmospheric songs.

Alt Det Du Ku is a dreamy, lo-fi electronic tune that washes through its three minutes, gently and languidly bubbling with smooth melodies and haunting synths. Nicolai Kornerup and Hannah Schneider channel half-forgotten movie soundtracks and gently pulsing modular racks to summon dense and layered textural harmonies.

This has a strong soul and r&b inflection, however there’s enough experimentation throughout to move it beyond soul-pop and into the realms of nostalgia-edged acoustic synthpop.

Alt Det Du Ku is out now on Music For Dreams.





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