Peter Doherty and The Puta Madres: Phase One, Liverpool


Peter Doherty

Peter Doherty called into Phase One for a special in store signing and gig, Getintothis’ Lewis Ridley went down to check out his new band The Puta Madres.

Everyone knows the Peter Doherty story, a Libertine in first instance and a whole lot more after that; its safe to say his career in music and its extra curricular activities has been an eventful one.

What has remained, though, is a deep love for music, and Doherty has now formed a new band out of, in part, touring members during his solo ventures of 2016.

On Friday, they released Peter Doherty and The Puta Madres their eponymous debut album, the reason that fans waded into Phase One for this very special gig.

They crammed, initially, for the album signing. Fans snaked inside Phase One and queued to meet Doherty and the band, which includes Jack Jones of the often Liverpool-frequenting band Trampolene.

While the album played, fans carried their bright blue Jacaranda bags towards a small table in the window. It really could’ve been an event in itself.

At 10pm, though, it was time to get things moving, and it was Jones that made the announcement on stage: “We’re gonna have to play, because of the curfew and all that. But anyone who hasn’t got their album signed, we’ll do it after.” An admirable effort.

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Before the gig, Spanish poet Victoria Sanchez took to the stage to read two poems. Largely, it went over the audiences’ head, but those that did listen attentively were humoured by a poem about gingers.

The highlight of the early exchanges was single Who’s Been Having You Over?, after which he played a request he received whilst signing an album earlier.

At times, Jones and the rest of the band were just left to admire the work of Doherty. Extended outros allowed time for he and the audience to enjoy exactly what was before them, in its most intimate form.

It’s a highlight for Phase One, too, it’s no secret they are experimenting somewhat with these types of gig, and it’s working a treat.

Doherty was enchanting throughout, and with such an extensive catalogue from all of his projects, it’s a feat to remember chords and lyrics alone. Amongst all of the side projects out of major British bands, this gig alone put this new project up there with the best.

Images by Getintoths’ Chris Everett





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