LIFE release new single Bum Hour



LIFE have released their latest single, Getintothis’ Mark Flannery has a bum hour courtesy of Hull’s post-punk provocateurs.

As a precursor to their soon to be released second album, Hull’s post-punk provocateurs, LIFE,  launch their latest single, Bum Hour.

It’s another slice of irreverent social commentary on what it’s like to live as a millennial scraping by. Within seconds, a heavy bass riff accompanies the protagonist’s  invitation to: “Meet me at McDonalds, Haircut 100, you can cut it off, if you let me in.”

Angular guitar licks, reminiscent of Gang Of Four, then dominate, giving an edgy feel to the chants of “just wanna lie and sleep in”, which become ever more angry and manic.

Brothers Mez Sanders-Green on vocals and Mick Sanders on guitar, produce songs about how they and their mates live and feel about today’s society.

With a snarl straight out of the Mark E. Smith handbook, Sanders-Green laments the fact that whilst his mates are out on the town, he’s looking after his young son, staring at his phone all night.

Albums Club #40: Murder Capital, Whitney, Ride, Blanck Mass, Slipknot, Pixies

Following on from the singles, Moral Fibre and Grown Up, Bum Hour delivers more lippy indignation and wit from a band that could quite possibly be Hull’s most relevant outfit since The Housemartins.




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