Liverpool City Council provides grants for businesses affected by coronavirus


Leaf on Bold Street. Credit: Billy Vitch

Many small businesses are struggling amid the current coronavirus crisis, this new development provides light in dark times, Getintothis’ Emilie Clark has the details.

Voluntary Sector Support Grants have been made available via Liverpool City Council, as part of the Covid-19 Discretionary Business Grants Scheme.

This means small businesses can apply for the grant if they have suffered a significant fall in income as a result of the pandemic.

This is vital for a city like Liverpool, the heart of which is kept beating by small, independent businesses that flood the likes of Bold Street and Castle Street.

Covid-19 has prevented many businesses from trading, which has resulted in a loss of income and profits. This poses a threat to many companies, particularly independents who do not have other sources of income and rely on a steady stream of custom.

This may result in small businesses ceasing to exist as they cannot survive a sustained period without any income.

Liverpool City Council will award grants to businesses that do not already qualify for other grants, such as:

  • Small Business Grant
  • Retail Hospitality and Leisure Grant
  • The Fisheries Response Fund
  • Domestic Seafood Supply Scheme
  • The Zoos Support Fund
  • The Dairy Hardship Fund

The council have stated that to qualify for a grant, the business must make less than £10.2m per year turnover, and employ less than 50 people.

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This will aid struggling businesses by providing them with a new lifeline, hopefully keeping independents and micro-organisations in business for when everything returns to normal – as well as keeping livelihoods of the business owners secure.

In addition to this, the scheme will be set up into four separate grants, each detailing different criteria. These include:

  • Business Support Grant
  • Small Business Grant
  • Bed & Breakfast Support Grant
  • Anchor Visitor Economy Grant

News of this additional help for small and struggling businesses will surely help to raise spirits amongst small business owners, and help keep communities thriving.

More information on these grants and who can qualify can be found, and grants can be applied for, on the Liverpool City Council website.